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Crystaline Stone

At Marble and Granite, Inc. we are forever on the hunt for new and exotic stone to add to our inventory to give our customers the most choices in every form. When we learned of Crystaline Stone, we knew this would be a perfect match. With the quality control and conscientious customer service ethics, along with its bold ideas, Crystaline Stone is an excellent addition to our already impressive product line.

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A Royal Stone
Crystaline Stone is an arm of the Royal Group from Brazil, a well-known leader in the stone markets of South America. For nearly half a century, the Royal Group has also lead the international markets in ornamental stone. It has established itself as the leader in marbles and granites, taking what nature has made and improved upon them. Because of the effort toward maintaining quality, their customers have been exceptionally happy with the final results. The Royal Group watches each of the stages of the process, which ensures the quality is top of the line, from extraction to delivery, making them a unique marketer of fine stone. The Royal Group is mainly geared toward soapstone. However, with the establishment of Crystaline Stone, they are stretching their arms.

The Royal Group is concerned with a lot more than simply making money. During the processes of creating their fine stones, they have placed a great deal of effort to ensuring the environment receives the least possible footprint of their production. They use machines that require a small amount of energy. They also are concerned about particulates, which has them using water when cutting, to eliminate worry for their employees, as well as the environment. The water is then recycled through a filtration system and taken back into production. When sanding, the dust is pushed into a curtain of water, to boot. Because these plants have historically been huge noise producers, the Royal Group uses tools only that employ anti-noise agents, to keep a healthier crew and respecting the surrounding area. If a portion of product is not needed when the cutting has finished, it is used for smaller projects, including mosaics; nothing is wasted.

The resins and other materials to create these beautiful stones use natural ingredients, such as pigments made from vegetable oils. Resins are not petroleum based, instead they are based on water, thereby saving the environment from harsh chemicals.

The Royal Group believes nature is precious. The base materials for their products are gray granite and white marble, which are very commonly found. There is no need to build a quarry in a pristine natural setting to acquire the raw materials needed for the innovative creations.

Improving Upon Nature
Crystaline Stone has taken the beauty of nature and made exotic improvements, both with the look and the performance of stone. They have given the ability to fully protect their products, for a long-lasting, beautiful shine. Even ink cannot stain its surface.

Watch the video for a demonstration of what the stone can withstand when a permanent felt pen is used, a common way to stain a countertop, especially those who have small children. The stone also has a quality that allows light to pass through it, turning it into an art form. As a countertop, it creates an ambiance in low-lit rooms, glowing with color and texture. As a wall, it adds an unspeakable beauty to any room and turns it into a world all its own.

The process takes a drab looking stone and creates a masterpiece. Strategic use of heat, pressure and a vacuum allow the change in the stone’s pores, which give the ability to add the amazing metamorphosis of the stone. During this process, not only is the stone turned into an art form, it is given added strength for greater durability. It also creates a brilliance all its own and gives the transparency. This is also the process that provides one of the greatest protections from staining. The Crystaline Stone products are not limited to mere renovation of a house or business. It can be used by any number of artists to create unique, bold statements.

Crystaline Stone attended the Coverings trade show in Orlando, Florida in April of 2012. Stone Ideas, an online magazine for the global market of architecture and design, featured an article of their booth in their July 2012 issue. To read the article in its entirety, please visit this link.

The article speaks of the boldness of color that is adopted in the stone and how this opens an entirely new realm for renovators and architects alike. It notes that the stone can be enhanced with one color, or several, even creating a full kaleidoscope, which is intriguing as well as fantastic.

The enhancement of the stone is not simply a topical application. The process ensures the enhancements become a part of the stone, so that years down the line, it will still boast the shine and color. In other words, it is not a layer that will simply peel off over time. The additions merge with the stone on a molecular level, ensuring years of enjoyment of the counter top, flooring or wall, while still retaining the texture and designs recreated by the natural veins of the marble or granite.

A Rare Offer Of Warranty
Crystaline Stone stands behind its products. So much so, they offer a limited warranty for up to twenty years. That takes a lot of confidence, especially for a product that has just come into existence. And to offer a guarantee in any form for two decades shows the durability and reliability for the product to remain intact, as well as brilliant.This is a tough sell amongst most manufacturers, so you can be sure that this is the genuine article among stone products.


The warranty covers those who originally bought the stone, that which has been permanently installed and have been properly maintained, as long as the owner registered within the proper timeframe after having bought the stone. Any work required to replace the product will not be covered, however, such as electrical or plumbing, etc. The warranty does not cover ill-maintained products, those that have been exposed to excessive heat or ultraviolet light, chemicals or outside weather conditions. Naturally, since the stone is lined with veins, color variance will not be covered. Other restrictions and guidelines apply.

A Unique Innovation
This process, referred to as intercrystaline, is unique. It may only be found in products made by Crystaline Stone. To get a true sense of the beauty, it is best to visit Marble and Granite Inc. in person, as only then will the brilliance and vibrant colors be fully experienced. It is nothing short of amazing what Crystaline Stone has created, working with common, basic materials found in nature. A true masterpiece awaits upon the first visit that will remain for ever after.

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