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Neolith Slabs


Neolith is a ceramic made of 100% clay or sand that is brought directly from the quarry to the manufacturing facility in Spain. This is the latest technology of ultra compact surface and the most durable.  Each quarry is unique, so the clay or sand will have different amounts of silicates and feldspar.  Depending on the mixture, clay may have to be added, and other times they just have to add color.
* Silicates are most commonly found in nature as the mineral quartz, the most abundant mineral on earth.  The alkalis in feldspar (calcium oxide, potassium oxide, and sodium oxide), the second most abundant mineral, act as a flux, lowering the melting temperature of a mixture.

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About Our Pricing Codes

This is a precious stone for your countertop - These are materials that the availability is quite limited and the processing is complex. They are very exclusive in the market place.
This is an original and exclusive stone for your countertop - These are materials that the quarries have yet to fully exploit, and/or the materials present difficulties in the processing.
This is a reasonable priced stone for your countertop - It is an economical material - there are many quarries but it has more difficulties in the exploitation and processing. There are many suppliers so these materials are readily available in the market place.
This is a budget conscious stone for your countertop - It is the most economical material due to the fact that there are many quarries, it's easy to process, and there are a lot of suppliers.


81 Matches: Currently Viewing: 1 - 12

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