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At Marble and Granite, Inc we are proud of our customer service, which sets us apart from others in the stone industry. The success of our business and the satisfaction of our customers are largely due to our clearly defined policies. We give below our stated policies and other details regarding the various facilities and support that we provide our customers.

Upon selecting material at one of our warehouses, the customer is given a copy of the information. We will hold material under their fabricator for 7 calendar days, obligation free. Within that time, if the material is needed, the fabricator is given the final option to purchase the selected stone(s). Otherwise, it is released back into inventory. It is suggested that the customer contact their fabricator immediately after their selection is made, to arrange for any deposit necessary to purchase the slabs from us within the allotted time.

We deliver directly to fabricators and distributors. Tile deliveries of more than 100 sq ft can be shipped via common carrier or our truck at no charge. All tile orders below 100 sq ft can be shipped on our truck according to our delivery schedule or via common carrier for a nominal service charge of $80.00. Slabs are delivered by Marble and Granite trucks. Please call our shipping department for the days we service your area.

We accept returns for tiles no more than seven days from delivery date and only for full boxes. Slabs are returnable no more than seven days from delivery of materials from our truck. If there is any mark or scratch when the slabs are delivered, please indicate so on the packing list when signing the receipt. We cannot accept any return that does not fall within the above parameters.

We are strictly wholesalers. Our customers include fabricators, distributors, contractors and designers. Our products can be purchased from any distributor in the New England area. Pricing and stock information can be supplied by our customers. Samples will be provided through our customers.