August 2012

Luxury Kitchen Countertops & Bath Designs with Blue Bahia

August 30, 2012
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Marble And Granite Dot Com: Window To Your Kitchen Countertops

August 29, 2012

 Marble And Granite, Inc. is New England's most trusted supplier of countertop-quality marble, granite, soapstone, and an exclusive dealership of no maintenance Caesarstone and Neolith - products geared to infuse a sharp and modern look to your dream kitchen.

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The Truth Behind Marble Countertops for Kitchens

August 28, 2012

A common misconception is that marble does not belong in the kitchen, and that it is better suited for bathrooms or other low-traffic areas. However, we'd like to clear up this delusion. While it is important to know that marble requires slightly more care to keep it from staining or scratching, marble can provide long lasting beauty and durability in the kitchen as long as it is installed and maintained properly. 

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New Ways to Incorporate Warm Marble Countertops in the Kitchen

August 23, 2012

The rare elegance of marble cannot be emulated by any other material. With exquisite softness, distinctive coloring, and dramatic veining, every slab of marble is completely unique. Marble surfaces result in an exclusive look that is both sophisticated and inviting. 

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Increase Customer Base With Retail Store Finishes By Neolith

August 21, 2012

DKNY London Shop 1 resized 600

DKNY London Shop 2 resized 600

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Marble & Granite Tiles: Make A Statement With Large-Format

August 16, 2012

Natural stone tiles have been used on floors for centuries. Natural stone brings the texture and colors of nature to our homes and adds a quality and warmth unmatched by any other surface. 

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Neolith For Fireplace Surrounds

August 14, 2012
Ever since the days of old, people have had a love affair with granite. It symbolizes strength, character and permanence. Homes, castles, even precious temples have been made of granite over the past two millenniums.
Neolith Fireplace
Small wonder a material has been made to not only imitate it, but to also outlast it. Neolith by TheSize is an incredible example of taking something from nature and making it better. TheSize gathers together the materials and magically combines them. The end result is a material as pretty as granite and with strength and durability.

This material, used as a surround for fireplace finishes, not only brings attention to itself, but also frames the whole structure in a seamless, deep shine. Whether for faux fireplaces, gas, wood or other types, Neolith is perfect for the job. Because of its coating, smoke buildup from a wood fire may easily be wiped away. Scorching is no longer a problem on the fireplace finishes for the mantel, wall or apron.

Fireplace finishes give the feeling of warmth, comfort and security. This is true even for the decorative ones. If nothing more than a candle burns in one, a fireplace will still give the room and household a homey feel. It is welcoming and beckons you to sit nearby.

Some believe that Neolith may be out of reach financially. However, due to its ability to be made in an incredibly thin layer, installation is a breeze. This makes fewer hours of work for a crew and makes Neolith a lot more affordable than other finishes. This is a very light material and easily managed by the crew to carry and install it.

And, nothing need be removed, as you can have the fireplace finishes placed directly on top of a wall. This saves time, dust and money. So take a look at our website and see what color scheme you would like. We have an array of choices, within your budget!

We are happy to help you choose not only the material, but also the fabricator and installer. Drop by for a visit, give us a call or send us an email, it’s up to you. We are here for you in any manner at Marble and Granite.

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Mosaic Tile at Marble and Granite

August 09, 2012
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Marble and Granite Countertops: Nature's Magnificent Expression

August 08, 2012

The process of showing marble, granite and other natural stones to customers is extremely satisfying and full of excitement. Sales people absolutely love that expression and amazement when customers look at a slab and totally fall in love with it. And many of us often come across customers making comments like," This slab looks gorgeous. I wish I could hang this on my wall like a painting. I would not like to even cut it into a countertop". This is such an aesthetically satisfying statement which not only recognizes but also truly appriciates nature's beauty. Though all natural stones look beautiful yet there are some that you cannot resist saying "WOW".

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Countertops Are Easy WIth Neolith

August 07, 2012
Whether it is the kitchen at home or the breakroom at the office, kitchen renovations using Neolith are incredibly easy. Often, countertops are what make a kitchen look past their prime.
Stone Design Textile Black 1 resized 600
Stone DesignTextile Black 3 resized 600Refinish Not Remove

Merely changing the countertops will often do the trick. Countertops receive most of the wear and tear in a kitchen or breakroom. Folks lay down their keys, and other items, which scratch the surface. Sometimes a hot pan or plate will scorch the finish, which can never be fully removed. And, countertops are the most noticeable item in a kitchen or breakroom. Because of their height, the eye naturally gravitates toward them. So giving these a facelift would create a whole new room. And at literally a fraction of the cost of most kitchen renovations. Often, the kitchen plays a large role in deciding on a home’s worth. To have this stand out and looking new is beneficial, if you wish to sell your home.

Neolith by TheSize is a truly amazing product. Born in the kilns of Italy, this is as pretty as granite and sturdy as the mountains themselves. With the coating that is added, Neolith can hold up to years of use with showing zero wear.

Kitchen renovations never had it so good. With Neolith as the finish for the countertop, your kitchen will be given a facelift that will change the entire look of your room. Because of its nearly magical qualities, this surface cannot scratch, wear, scorch or lose its luster very easily. You will be hard pressed to hurt this finish. It is also great for floors, walls and outdoor kitchens as well, for the UV protection lasts many, many years.

Save Time, Money, Dust

To refinish a countertop, instead of replacing it, not only saves time and money in the item, but also in the installation. There is hardly any mess, as Neolith can be placed directly on the surface of the existing countertop and panel faces during kitchen renovations. No need for demolition. With the abundance of colors from which to choose,

Marble and Granite is the one of the largest retailers on the east coast for Neolith. Here, you can to choose from the largest selection Neolith has to offer. Drop by, see what is available in person, as you will be amazed at its beauty, depth and shine. Our staff is here to help you choose what is best for you.
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