Increase Customer Base With Retail Store Finishes By Neolith

Increase Customer Base With Retail Store Finishes By Neolith

August 21, 2012

DKNY London Shop 1 resized 600

DKNY London Shop 2 resized 600

When you enter a store for the first time, you judge the employees and the company’s character by the decor. The color scheme the designer has chosen, the layout, the type of flooring. All of this speaks to you and gives an impression, and you may not even realize it. It adds up to one cohesive impression: whether or not the store will be here tomorrow.

Stone Symbolizes Stability

Stone work has always been associated with beauty, stability and permanence. From King’s castles to small villages, stone walls and walkways give a sense of security and a long lasting presence. To make this part of the décor of a retail store gives the right impression for your customers. With the creation of Neolith by TheSize, you can incorporate structures within your store at an affordable price.

Neolith Imitates Stone - Yet Is Simple To Install

Neolith by TheSize is born a kiln. It is a ceramic with the unique qualities that imitate the beauty of stone, though is incredibly light. The glaze that is added before introducing the intense heat, gives it durability. Because the stone walls are so thin, 5mm, to transport, manually carry, shape, and install is a breeze. Large slabs require only two people to carry. This boils down to a smaller crew, less effort and a much faster renovation.

Neolith Is Made To Last

One quality that brings this material to the top of any designer’s list is the durability. Some stone walls and countertops are placed within the rays of the sun from a storefront window. Often, they fade, and the shine perishes. Not Neolith. With its UV protection, the color and shine are retained for years, while looking brand new. Use Neolith for the exterior stone walls and the beauty and shine is retained just as well.

Customers lean against walls, wearing metal objects in their clothing or purses. Keys with decorative chains are dragged across countertops, causing deep scratches. Neolith resists these. The secret lies with the protective glaze.

Distribution By Marble And Granite Inc.

Marble and Granite is one of the largest distributors. With our huge inventory, you have all the choices available in color and size. Our staff is happy to show you around the warehouse in a safe, comfortable environment inside, not in a yard full of broken pieces, as with other stone dealers. Contact us today for a sample.


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