New Ways to Incorporate Warm Marble Countertops in the Kitchen

New Ways to Incorporate Warm Marble Countertops in the Kitchen

August 23, 2012

The rare elegance of marble cannot be emulated by any other material. With exquisite softness, distinctive coloring, and dramatic veining, every slab of marble is completely unique. Marble surfaces result in an exclusive look that is both sophisticated and inviting. 

While some are hesitant to apply marble in the kitchen because it requires more care to prevent staining and scratching, natural stone experts will confirm that this is not a reason to refrain from using this gorgeous material in the kitchen. On the contrary, they will affirm that the extra maintenance is well worth the resulting beauty. 

Inspired by the 2012 High Point Market and International Contemporary Furniture Fair, here are a few of the new ways that marble is being used in today's kitchens to add unique elegance and warmth. 

Marble tops are being adding to existing dining tables to achieve custom looks in a wide range of styles. 

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Whole marble slabs are being used to fabricate kitchen islands with continuous waterfall edges like in this modern kitchen island design. 


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To break away from traditional countertop applications, marble is even been used underneath kitchen islands on counter cabinets.

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Marble and Granite in New England offers the largest collection of high quality marble slabs in the region. Shop for your white, black or colored marble from the Marble and Granite online product catalog or at one of our showrooms in Westwood, Massachusetts or Milford, Connecticut. Then, browse our listings to find a reputable fabricator in your area. Since marble is a difficult material to work with, but this will ensure that you are hiring an experienced professional to install and seal your marble surface properly for long-lasting beauty. 

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