Exquisite Granite Countertops for a Beautiful Focal Point

Exquisite Granite Countertops for a Beautiful Focal Point

January 28, 2012

Every design requires a focal point. It is the element that draws the eye and directs it where to go. It helps create contrast and movement for a design that is cohesive and interesting. A timeless technique in kitchen designing is to create a focal point out of the island, particularly through countertop surfaces. Because of their unique, unrivaled beauty, granite reigns as a top choice for achieving countertops that make bold statements. Whether its through color, movement or shape, there are many different ways that granite countertops can be used to create fantastic focal points in a kitchen design. The sensational movement and extensive color variations of these granite countertops creates an bold, eye-catching focal point for the contemporary kitchen design.

Edges for Unique Granite Countertops

The distinct dual color contrast within these granite countertops makes a strong, sophisticated statement in this traditional style kitchen.

edges for unique granite countertops 2 resized 600

Even the edges of granite countertop can establish the island as the focal point like in this stunningly shaped granite island. 

edges for unique granite countertops 3 resized 600

To explore possible focal points for your own kitchen design project, browse the wide array of colors and movement in our granite slab selection on the Marble & Granite products page of our website. Feel free to call us with any and all questions at 877-39-STONE, or visit us at one of our showrooms.

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