Create an Accent Wall That Doubles as a Chalkboard with Honed or Natural Slate Tile

Create an Accent Wall That Doubles as a Chalkboard with Honed or Natural Slate Tile

July 31, 2012

Slate is a metamorphic rock that has light brown to dark streaks and can be easily cut into fine sheets. With these natural qualities, slate has become a popular material for honed countertops and tile flooring. But did you know that slate is also commonly used as a natural chalkboard? 
This means that you can complement your slate tile floors or honed slate countertops while adding a fun, personal touch with a natural slate accent wall that doubles as a chalkboard. Adding charm and function, a slate wall will make a beautiful architectural accent while making a perfect message board for writing to-do lists, calendars and handwritten notes. Using an example of a gorgeous slate tile wall, an Apartment Therapy article explains the benefits of a real slate chalkboard as opposed to engineered chalkboard paint. 

"More luxurious than your run-of-the-mill chalkboard paint, this slate tile wall in a penthouse apartment in Andorra also doubles as a floor-to-ceiling chalkboard. And when the chalkboard fad fades, they'll still have an elegant natural stone tiled wall to enjoy." 
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In this example, natural slate tiles with a rough finish were used to add extra texture and interest, but you can also opt for a honed slate slab or honed slate tiles to create a seamlessly sleek aesthetic. 
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Homeowners looking to transform a wall in the kitchen, office, mudroom or other space into a stunning slate wall and chalkboard can find a fantastic selection of natural slate at Marble and Granite. Head over to the Marble and Granite online product catalog to begin shopping for your slate accent wall and natural chalkboard. We promise that your whole household will enjoy it! 
Photos via Apartment Therapy


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