Hotel Lobbies Make Strong First Impressions with Marble Tile Floors

Hotel Lobbies Make Strong First Impressions with Marble Tile Floors

June 13, 2012

What do most of the world's most lavish hotel lobbies have in common? Swanky marble tile floors!  A timeless tradition, marble surfaces have been used to exhibit luxury and elegance for thousands of years, beginning with the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Today, marble tile floors are tying together wow-factors like colossal ceilings, spectacular chandeliers and majestic fountains in the most famous hotels and buildings across the globe. From an ABC News feature, here are a few examples of the world's most magnificent hotel lobbies featuring marble tile floors. 

The Fontainebleau Miami lobby features a traditional black and white marble tile floor design with a modern twist for an overall stunning effect. 

marble tile hotel lobby floors 1 resized 600

The lobby of the Roosevelt New Orleans, a Waldorf Astoria Hotel that was reopened in 2009, still boasts the original mosaic tile that was first installed 117 years ago. 

marble tile hotel lobby floors 2 resized 600

The intricate marble tile floor design in the Waldorf Astoria Orlando lobby makes a showstopping impression with its moving curves and sharp angles. 

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The Raffles Dubai at the Great Pyramids has an Egyptian themed lobby with hieroglyphs of historical events like the epic Greek and Roman battle; appropriately, the flooring consists of large black and white marble tiles with dramatic veining. 

marble tile hotel lobby floors 4 resized 600

The Raffles Singapore is one of the most historic and grandiose hotels in the world, and the old-fashioned lobby wouldn't be the same without its pristine, classic white marble tile floors. 

marble tile hotel lobby floors 5 resized 600

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All photos via ABC


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