Marble Tiles vs. Ceramic Tiles: Comparing the Pros & Cons

Marble Tiles vs. Ceramic Tiles: Comparing the Pros & Cons

June 15, 2012

With today's infinite stone look-alike products and the overwhelming amount of information on the web, it's easy to become confused when trying to compare marble tiles and ceramic tiles. Natural stones such as marble, granite and slate range in availability (and price) as they are quarried in various locations around the world and imported to the U.S. Ceramic tiles are composed of clay and inorganic materials that are oven dried and glazed. So when is best to spring for the real thing or settle for ceramic? Let's take a look at the facts.

Pros of Natural Stone Tiles

- Look and feel unrivaled by any other material

- No two slabs are the same

- Durable and heat resistant

- Long lasting beauty

- Many available hues and patterns

- Can be restored and refinished

Cons of Natural Stone Tiles

- Susceptible to scratches, chips and cracks

- Requires maintenance including cleaning and periodic sealing

- Requires installation by a professional

- More expensive than most tile products

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By Rebekah Zaveloff via Houzz

Pros of Ceramic Tiles

- Does not require installation by a professional

- Relatively inexpensive

- Durable and heat resistant

- Low maintenance

- Many available colors and sizes

- Versatile

Cons of Ceramic Tiles

- Uniform color

- Does not look and feel natural

- Susceptible to chips and cracks

- Difficult to repair or resurface


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 By R.D. Sherrill, Inc. via Houzz


If this article has helped you decide that natural stone tiles is the way to go, we encourage you to visit the Marble and Granite online catalog for a wide variety of natural stone tiles including marble, granite and slate. Tiles can be purchased online and shipped anywhere in the world. For questions about particular products, please contact us at 877-39-STONE. Finally, don't forget to check our page on proper stone care and maintenance once you have made your purchase and are awaiting your brand new natural stone tiles. 


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