Soapstone Kitchen Countertops - A Traditional & Versatile Product

Soapstone Kitchen Countertops - A Traditional & Versatile Product

June 27, 2012

Marble and Granite countertops have become increasingly popular in recent years because consumers are attaching more importance to aesthetics without compromising functionality. They have realized that these products not only enhance the beauty of their kitchen and bathroom but also add significant value to their most valuable asset called home. Consumers are also embracing the reality that variation of color, asymmetric pattern, and those little blemishes - an artist may view this as character - here and there are in fact what makes a natural stone a natural stone.

 Soapstone is yet another example of a natural stone that is known to have been used in homes as early as 1800's but has yet to become a household name. One reason of its less prevalence in homes is that Soapstone is not as abundantly available as lots of granites & marbles. This is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock found in various regions worldwide.


Beautiful Soapstone Double Bowl Sink


Soapstone has some characteristics that set it apart from other natural stones. The first quality is adaptability to wide range of temperature changes that can be as extreme as the heat of a wood-fired pizza oven to an outdoor kitchen withstanding extremely low temperatures in winter. The second quality is its density. Soapstone is practically non-porous which not only relieves you from sealing your countertop but also provides better hygiene. The last but not the least is that Soapstone is chemically neutral and it does not react with acids like tomato or lemon juice or with other alkalis found in some household cleaners.

Critics of Soapstone generally talk about as to how easily it can be scratched but never mention the fact that those scratches can be fixed easily by applying medium pressure to the scratched area with an 80 grit sanding sponge. Apply a light coat of mineral oil and your countertop is back to its beautiful look.


 Slab of Soapstone


Soapstone typically has a green or charcoal gray hue and flecks of other colors along with veining that gets highlighted when you apply mineral oil to the top surface. Loyal consumers of Soapstone love it for its natural soft feel, traditional look and functionality. Soapstone is a versatile stone that finds variety of applications e.g. countertops, backsplashes, islands, sinks, Fireplace, flooring, masonry heaters and many more.

Marble and Granite has a large selection of Soapstones for you to browse colors, dimensions and pricing.


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