Latest Trends in Granite Countertops: Colors, Textures & Patterns

Latest Trends in Granite Countertops: Colors, Textures & Patterns

March 01, 2012

Trends are showing that safe, neutral countertops are out and countertops with more texture, color and patterns are in. As the Marble Institute of America’s Stone Dimensions Blog recently wrote, “When it comes to countertops, creativity is back in vogue.”

Instead of architects, designers and homeowners purely focusing on resale, they are focusing on creating unique designs that speak about the homeowner’s personal style. Here’s what Stone Dimensions recently reported on current countertop trends.

“. . . today’s hottest countertops are showing more colors, textures and patterns, as well as some creative mixing and matching of materials to create more personalized designs. Eco-conscious materials remain hot, as do nature-inspired palettes, and value remains another key trend.”

Homeowners are opting for more eye-catching countertops that make a strong statement. This means we can expect to see more countertops in exotic earthy colors and with dramatic veining. Homeowners are even getting more creative with edge profiles.

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 Creative Granite Countertops 1 By Milk and Honey Design via Houzz 

Creative Granite Countertops 2By InterDesign Studio via Houzz




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