November 2012

Award-Winning Neolith for High-Performing Wall-Cladding

November 29, 2012
Made of 100 percent natural mineral composition, Neolith porcelain slabs by The Size offer physical properties that provide incredible peace of mind to designers, homeowners, and private or commercial business owners. Neolith porcelain is hygienic and heavy duty. It is resistant to liquids, freezing temperatures, high temperatures, fire and high traffic abrasion. In addition, Neolith is easy to clean and even resistant to UV rays, so that its beautiful color never fades. 
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Caesarstone for Beautiful Commercial Bathrooms

November 27, 2012
How many commercial restrooms have you walked in and thought to yourself, "wow, this bathroom is beautiful?" Or how many commercial restrooms have you walked in and immediately felt a sense of tranquility, harmony and happiness? We're guessing that unless you spend most of your time in a private jet, the answer to both of these questions is not that many. But if you are a business owner, why not try to make your building's restroom the exception? 
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Design Ideas for Creating a Wow Factor with White Granite or Marble

November 22, 2012
We hear it all the time - "the wow factor" - but is this phrase more than a clichéIs it truly an inherent piece of the interior design puzzle? Let's take a look at what a few interior designers have said about this eye-catching concept. 
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Create a Canvas for a Stunning Design with Bright White Interiors

November 20, 2012
To the untrained eye, the color white is nothing special. But to professionals or anyone with an eye for interior design, the color white is one of the most dynamic colors in residential and commercial design. Bright white hues have an amazing ability to highlight every detail. No matter what the style, white interiors allow architectural detail and color accents to really shine, empowering them to impact the entire look and feel of a space. InteriorHolic said it brilliantly. 
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5 Unique Ideas for Designing or Updating Stone Fireplaces

November 15, 2012
During the holiday and winter season, it seems that no matter where you start a gathering, it always ends up around the fireplace. That's why now is the perfect time to consider updating your fireplace in time for friend and family gatherings this season. To provide inspiration for a fireplace design that you and your guests will enjoy for its warmth and beautiful aesthetics, here are five of our favorite fireplace designs that have been featured in Architectural Digest
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European Style Kitchens with Caesarstone Countertops

November 13, 2012
"Functionality first is the European way." This is what kitchen designer and director of bulthaup Denver William Landeros advises readers in a recent article about how to achieve a European style kitchen by CH&L magazine. Bulthaup is a world-renowned German kitchen manufacturer famous for innovative designs that marry minimalist aesthetics with incredible efficiency and precision. In other words, bulthaup is the archetype of modern European kitchen design.
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Holiday Entertaining Tips & Gift Ideas for Chefs: Granite Hot Plates & Lazy Susans

November 08, 2012
Every host has tricks and secrets to throwing a successful party, event or other gathering at their home. And this is often because if you are not properly prepared, entertaining can quickly go from fun and exciting to miserable and stressful. 
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StonePedia is fast lane to find white granites, quartzite and marble

November 07, 2012

In today's world finding the right information at lightening speed is the key not only to take critical business decisions but also to take routine decisions involving our day to day life. Everything is moving at such a fast pace that you can be left behind if you do not act with speed and precision.

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Kitchens & Bath Designs Inspired by Pantone's Fall 2012 Color Palette

November 06, 2012
Pantone's fall 2012 color palette provides incredible inspiration for home remodeling projects this fall. As Rachel Roy describes it, "The color palette contrasts between dark tones of granite, slate and soil with pops of bright pinks and purples; prominent colors of warm and cool shades of Green and Berry with brushed Coppers are combined in beautiful silhouettes." 
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Granite Slabs Can Be Used to Create Custom Desk Designs

November 01, 2012
Not long ago, Angie's List polled pros to find out what the most popular countertops are for remodels. Their results showed that "Currently, trends in kitchen countertops favor the most durable, affordable and aesthetically pleasing materials. Experts agree granite is the most requested material for countertops in today's remodels." And while granite remains king when it comes to countertops, this beautiful and durable natural stone is enjoyed by homeowners, commercial business owners and designers in many other ways, as well. 
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