Continuous Backsplashes with Onyx Slabs on Countertops

Continuous Backsplashes with Onyx Slabs on Countertops

September 18, 2012

Whether you prefer minimalist designs where less is more or layered looks where it's all about the accessories, backsplashes are a wonderful way to add interest for a more dynamic interior design. And while stone tile backsplashes are timeless, a continuous stone backsplash can create a unique and luxurious look that is also easy to clean and maintain. 

For high-end interiors we recommend considering a continuous onyx backsplash. Unlike any other luxury material available, this rare natural stone usually has large patterns and colors variations that are ideal for whole-slab applications. Here are a few examples of how you can transform the spaces above counters and vanities with onyx backsplashes to become stunning focal points in your luxury kitchen or bath. 

Simple, yet elegant this cream-colored onyx backsplash is the perfect tie between the rich wood cabinets and the neutral backdrop. 

onyx backsplash 1 resized 600

Onyx with dramatic colored veining can make a real statement as in this powder room with onyx backsplash. 

onyx backsplash 2 resized 600

The onyx slab used for this ceiling-to-countertop wetbar backsplash creates an exquisite wave effect due to its unique pattern. 

onyx backsplash 3 resized 600

The entire design of this luxury kitchen revolves around the incredibly rich colors of the onyx slabs used for the backsplash and countertops. 

onyx backsplash 4 resized 600

A honey onyx backsplash is illuminated with a back light to create a gorgeous, glowing high-end bar design. 

onyx backsplashes

Rather than relying on a mid-range stone distributor for the centerpiece of your high-end interior design, choose from the high-quality selection of onyx, marble, granite and other natural stone at Marble and Granite in New England. Shop our stone products online or visit one of our showrooms in Milford, Connecticut or Westwood, Massachusetts. 

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