Danby Marble: Our Domestic Material for Marble Countertops

May 16, 2012

Marble and Granite, Inc. is proud to be a stocking distributor of Danby marble.

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Slate tile in the pool house or cabana

May 15, 2012
Your pool house or cabana area can become the heart of the home during warm weather months with the right amount of attention to style and comfort.  It is the hub of parties, BBQ's, and late night gatherings with friends.  It's important that your poolside design maintains your personal style, while also meshing with the outdoor ambiance that makes it such a unique and desirable living area. 

The right tile flooring is key to creating a high-end aesthetic, while preserving a natural outdoor aesthetic.

Slate Tile Flooring is a Natural Way to Create High-end Appeal

Slate is a natural occurring stone formed from layers of volcanic lava and ash.  After being compressed over long periods of time, these layers can be cut into slate tiles.  Slate usually comes in various shades of grey, although it can also include a variety of colors such as earthy greens, rusty reds, purples, and blues.

When you visit our show room, you will be able to choose from an array of shale textures and colors to ensure that your slate tile selections are consistent with your decorating motifs. You can also browse our selections online.

Slate Tile Flooring Is Not Slippery When Wet

One major benefit to selecting natural slate tiles for your pool house and/or cabana area is that they are nearly 100% slip proof when they become wet.  Because slate is a natural stone that forms over a long period of time, it is porous with a slightly rough texture.  This allows water to be absorbed into, or run off the slate.  It is smooth enough to form a comfortable walking surface but maintains a slip-proof surface when wet, which is optimal for your pool side surroundings.

Slate Tile Flooring is a Perfect Poolside Choice

Because of the naturally occurring colors and patterns, slate is even more attractive when it becomes wet.  The earth tones will become darker and more vivid when they are splashed with water, but maintain their color after they dry.  While other flooring choices will fade over time with constant exposure to sunlight and water, your slate tiles will look as as good as the day they were installed for many years to come.

Slate is easily incorporated into your landscaping designs to create a fluid aesthetic from your pool, to your cabana, to attractive garden pathways. Regardless of what colors you choose, your slate tiles will always blend in with the natural world around them.
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Affordable, Beautiful Bathroom Renovations By NeoLith

May 10, 2012
Beautiful Bathroom Renovations By NeoLith

Bathroom and sauna renovations can be such a chore, as they revolve around one of the most functional rooms in the building. This is especially true when a total reconstruction will be taking place.

Often, folks think in terms of an all or nothing renovation. Full reconstruction can take a lot of time, a lot of money and a lot of crew involved in the project. During total bathroom renovations, a great deal of dust is generated, causing the areas adjacent to be affected, as well. Customers are unhappy with construction zones, so the quicker the project is finished, the better.

Affordable Bathroom Renovations

Those who wish to explore options other than a full renovation of a sauna and restroom area can see there are many choices available. One of the wisest considerations is the use of NeoLith. This is a wonderful material for both building managers and contractors alike. It is a manageable, beautiful and workable material that turns a well-used bathroom into a work of art.

Instead of ripping out the cabinetry around the sink, or replacing the walls, which are sound, but weathered, you can put a new face on them.

Advantages of refacing the objects in the room:
  • keeps the cabinetry, instead of buying new ones, reducing costs
  • changes the look of the walls, as opposed to tearing them down
  • has the choice of tiles or slabs, reducing labor costs
  • has the ability to custom fit the NeoLith around corners or in artful designs
  • NeoLith is very light and easy to transport and carry from the truck to the area in renovation, reducing the need for labor and renovation time
  • the NeoLith also is easy to install, reducing labor costs
  • reduces the time spent in the overall renovation process, again reducing the cost of labor
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3-D Natural Marble Tiles for Visually Engaging & Inviting Interiors

May 10, 2012
Web designer Josh Byers says, "The proper and subtle use of texture takes a design from being flat and dead to noticeable and alive." While Byers was referring to a different kind of design when he said this, this concept applies just as well to interior design. Texture is one of the 5 basic elements of interior design. It is the tactile and visual characteristic of a surface, so it can be hard, soft, smooth, rough, shiny, matte, etc. All surfaces have texture, but it is the proper combination of various textures that makes a design balanced, sophisticated and interesting. 
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How to Create Unique Design Effects with Natural Stone Tile Mosaics

May 08, 2012
The beauty of natural stone tile mosaics are the infinite possibilities when it comes to designs. Mosaics can be applied to work in the same way as decorative wallpaper or a hanging piece of art, but with natural stone you have the added benefits of water resistance and durability. This means that natural stone tile mosaics can be used to create design effects that wallpaper and artwork simply could not. Whether for a kitchen, bath or even outdoors, a unique tile mosaic can turn an ordinary space into a work of art. 

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What You Need To Know About Marble Countertops

May 08, 2012
Marble has both a scientific and commercial definition. Scientific marble was once limestone that achieved metamorphosis from intense pressures and high temperatures within the earth. This altered its crystalline structure and introduced other minerals that produced the valuable colors and veining. Commercially, any stone capable of taking a polish (with the exception of granite) is known as marble. This includes travertine, onyx, serpentine and limestone. Marble is found in the mountainous regions of Canada, Italy, Germany, Spain, the U.S., Greece and other countries worldwide.

Most common uses of marble:

Marble adds a sophisticated element to your home, and its wonderful appearance, superior engineering characteristics, and ease of maintenance makes it a natural choice for floors, wall coverings, fireplace facing and hearth, table tops, and bathroom walls, floors, vanity tops, tub decks, and showers. Polished marble will serve well as flooring in areas where little sand is tracked onto these floors. Honed (flat finished) marble, limestone, or travertine will do very well in high traffic areas.

Care and precautions:

Marble should be cared for as you would a fine wood finish. Using coasters on tabletops and cleaning up spills immediately will preserve marble's natural beauty. Polished marble on a bathroom countertop requires you not to leave any thing that will cause rust, chemical, or food stains on the countertop, and the countertop will need to be sealed occasionally. Lemon juice or other food acids can etch polished marble and cause flat spots, and marble is more easily stained by oils, juices and metals. Stains on marble are more complicated to remove. A honed marble on a kitchen countertop is a better choice than polished. Never use bleach, Comet or acidic cleaners on polished marble. These will etch the surface and remove the shine.

Check out Marble and Granite Inc.'s wide selection of over 100 different types of Marbles.

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Make Mudrooms Beautiful & Functional with Natural Stone Tile

May 03, 2012
Ceramic tiles and natural stone flooring are the two most popular flooring options when it comes to designing mudrooms due to their durability and low maintenance, according to Build Direct. But just because mudrooms need to be designed to stand up to the toughest messes, does not mean you have to sacrifice aesthetics.  
Natural stone tile flooring is the only way to achieve high function and high style and sophistication in a mudroom. With intriguing colors and textures, natural stone can transform the mudroom into a space that enhances the look and value of your home. After proper sealing, the durability of natural stone is unmatched by any other material. Even with wear and tear, your stone tile flooring will look naturally beautifully for years to come. Here are some stunning mudroom designs with natural stone tile flooring for inspiration. 
Gray-green slate tile
mudrooms with natural stone1 resized 600
By John Kraemer & Sons via Houzz
Travertine marble tile
mudrooms with natural stone2 resized 600
By Michael Roberts Construction via Houzz
Mosaic natural stone tile
mudrooms with natural stone3 resized 600
By LDa Architecture & Interiors via Houzz
Flamed finished natural stone tile
mudrooms with natural stone4 resized 600
By Crystal Kitchen Center via Houzz
Beige slate tiles
mudrooms with natural stone5 resized 600
By Castro Design Studio via Houzz
Stop hiding your mudroom from company, and start remodeling this space to achieve a mudroom you are happy to show off. Shop from a wide array of high quality granite, marble, travertine and slate tiles right here on the Marble and Granite website. All prices are included and products can be purchased directly from the site and shipped anywhere in the country. We even offer a listings of fabricators to find a reputable one in your area. Call 877-39-STONE with any product or shipping questions. 
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Granite Countertops: The Truth About Black Granites

May 03, 2012

A common question about black granites is “Why do my countertops seem like they are fading?” The best way to prevent this is to go through a reputable supplier that only buys first-quality material, which means they will not be doctored in any way.  It is important to view the slabs in person and not purchase based on price alone.

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Content is what makes MarbleandGranite.com a top Website

May 01, 2012

The kitchen is the room of the house where people spend the most time…and the most money. At Marble and Granite, Inc. our goal is to make sure the time you spend in your kitchen is enjoyable and the money you spend is put to good use.

Soapstone countertop

If you are considering replacing you marble and granite countertops you will find all the information and assistance you need on our website.

Browse over 500 different stones to find:

·         Natural Stone

·         Tiles

·         Engineered Stone

·         Curava

·         Ceramic

·         Fabrication supplies

Use our locator to find a fabricator near you. We take pride in guiding you to only the top nationwide fabricators offering quality work at reasonable prices. The fabricator you choose is a critical link in the process and we at Marble and Granite, Inc. want to guide you in the right direction.

Check our “Helpful Resources” tab to find out what you need to know before you buy. Here we will explain the features, appearance and care of each product so you can determine which one best suits your needs and budget. You can download our care maintenance guide.

Marble and Granite, Inc. is the largest natural stone wholesaler in New England. We have been importing first-class products from around the world since 1990. Our website is your one-stop source for marble and granite. You will also find our company history, meet our experienced team, see photos of our two showrooms and read testimonials from satisfied customers.

Have a question? Have you suscribed to our blogs

We are here to help. Find the address of both of our showrooms, get our toll-free phone number and get maps and directions.

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen…Marble and Granite, Inc. wants you to get the most from the money you spend.

Visit www.marbleandgranite.com today.

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Searching for White Granite Countertops

May 01, 2012

One of the latest trends in kitchen remodeling and design is the use of more unusual granite colors. While homeowners trended to gravitate towards darker granite with shades of gray, brown, black and tan, times are changing. Now brighter colors like white or so-called ‘super-white’ are increasing in popularity.

Homeowners who like the idea of a white granite countertop should realize that there is no such thing as pure, super white granite. However, there is a wide variety of light-colored granites that have the appearance of white or very light shade of gray or beige.

About Granite

Granite is a natural stone that has many different colors, shades and veins of color. In addition, granite can be treated, polished or finished to create a specific final look as well as increased antibacterial, scratch, heat and stain proof characteristics.

White Granite

Homeowners should not fear white granite the same way they may fear white carpet, which stains and damages very easily. Granite is naturally durable and stain proof. In addition, there are many varying shades of white, from super white granite to granite with darker veins and shades.

For example, Alaskan White has white as the primary color but there are varying shades of gray and black in the stone as well, creating a darker effect.

Alaskan White

London White is a polished granite slab, primarily white, with darker flecks of color sprinkled throughout the stone. The flecks are so small that a super white granite effect is created.

London White

The Blanco Napoleon polished granite slab comes from Brazil and has a white base with thin veins with shades of gray running throughout the stone.

Bianco Napoleon

Another white granite is the Galaxy White from Brazil. The slab is white but long veins of tan, sliver and brown run in thick and thin slopes across the slab.

Galaxy White

If beige and gray shades of white are not quite enough for you, consider the Golden Romano polished granite slab from Brazil. The primary color is white but the slab features thick, golden veins of color that add a great deal of added color and visual interest to the stone.

Golden Romano

Marble and Granite Inc.

For more information on how to find beautiful super white granite shades or any of over 350 granites, call Marble and Granite Inc. at 877-39-STONE or visit us at 270 University Avenue in Westwood, MA, or 125 Old Gate Lane in Milford, CT.

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