July 2013

Thinking of a big size granite or marble island; plan in advance

July 30, 2013

Customers are giving lot of attention these days to a granite or marble island with the aim of making it to be the focal point. The task of fabricating an island, specially if your island is more than 10 feet long, has few challenges which at times can be frustrating. We’re talking about the frustration you can feel when you’re forced to have a seam right smack in the middle of your gorgeous new natural stone island countertop. Nobody likes seams. They may not be blaringly obvious. But they can be seen, they can be felt, and you’ll know they are there even if your friends and family proclaim, “That? You can barely even see it.” So, what’s the key to avoiding annoyance for the lifetime of your kitchen? Advanced planning.

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Crystaline Stone: A Gem of a Surfacing Material

July 25, 2013

Imagine a countertop crafted from sparkling sapphires, a wall covered in exquisite black diamonds, or even a fireplace surround made of absolutely brilliant amethyst. While these applications may not be practical, affordable, or even possible, Marble and Granite, Inc. offers a product that’s the next best thing to authentic gemstones…Crystaline Stone.

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Now Trending in Luxury Baths: Steam Showers made of natural stone

July 23, 2013

Steam showers are the new “must have” element of luxury bathrooms. But they involve a lot of technical details, especially when they’re made of natural stone. If you’re considering a steam shower in your home, be sure to do your homework and ensure you’re working with a skilled and reputable fabricator and a tile installer who know the requirements inside and out.

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Headed to marble and granite Stone Yard? Know vital details

July 18, 2013

All marble and granite slabs are not created equally. And the only way for you, as a customer, to ensure that you secure the stone that’s just right for your project is to go to the stone yard and choose your slabs yourself. Sounds easy enough. But once you get there, what is it, exactly, that you should look for while viewing a slab.

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NEOLITH transforms the cladding industry

July 16, 2013

The largest porcelain slab on the market, Neolith is shaking up the cladding industry, out-performing other façade materials in both strength and functionality. While the material is also great inside for countertops, vanities, flooring, veneers, and more, architects and builders have quickly recognized the virtues of this high-tech material for building exteriors. 

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Marble and Granite countertops; local shop versus Big Box Retailer

July 11, 2013

Odds are, when you’re ready to start your kitchen or bath remodel, a big box store is probably the first place you think to look. It’s true they carry a wide variety of products, and they do eye-catching marketing campaigns to get you in the door. But, don’t be fooled by these stores and their “low prices.” The big box store isn’t necessarily the cheapest or best place to purchase materials for your project…especially if your project involves a natural stone countertop. Big box retailers typically offer the most basic stones, unlike this boldly patterned countertop shown below.

Splendor Gold

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Saint Pierre Brushed Marble Slabs Now in Stock

July 09, 2013

Looking for the latest designer natural stone? Saint Pierre Brushed Marble 3cm is the new center of attraction in our showrooms.  Hailing from Canada, this beautiful material is high-density and high-fashion which makes it suitable for floors, kitchen and bathroom countertops, and almost any other residential or commercial application you can dream of.

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Subtle variations in different types of absolute black granite

July 02, 2013

No color evokes such a variety of feelings as black. It can be magical or mysterious; powerful or pretentious; practical yet glamorous, and has a presence which can not be ignored. Over the years we have come across various reservations regarding the use of Absolute Black granite but this color has always defied criticism.

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