We’ve Got You Covered! Marble & Granite, Inc. sells all of your stone cleaning products.

We’ve Got You Covered! Marble & Granite, Inc. sells all of your stone cleaning products.

June 11, 2013

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No matter where you purchase your natural stone materials, Marble & Granite, Inc. is your one-stop-shop for adhesives, sealers, cleaning products, and more. Don’t live near one of our showroom locations? We’re still your go-to authority for all of your product needs. Order all of the products you need to keep your natural stone looking brand new through our online store.


It’s important to remember to use cleaners specially formulated for the surfaces in your home. Many general-purpose cleaners contain acidic and alkaline ingredients, abrasives, ammonia, and bleach. These can break down sealers and damage natural stone surfaces. We’ve selected the industry’s top cleaners, which are formulated by scientists who understand how to care for stone surfacing.


As you might imagine, we’ve tried them all. One product that stands above the rest for us is StoneTech Revitalizer. Gentle enough to be used every day, it’s offered in refreshing citrus or cucumber scents. Though it smells fresh and light, this powerhouse of a cleaner effectively, but gently, removes soils and residue. But more than just cleaning, it also leaves behind an invisible protective seal to help prevent future staining.


StoneTech Revitalizer is made by DuPont™, whose water-based products are among the highest performing available on the market today. Designed for use on the most porous surfaces, it’s safe for marble, granite, limestone, slate, terrazzo, travertine, sandstone, ceramic, tile grout, and more. As a plus, DuPont  has taken painstaking efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, including using post-consumer recycled resin (PCRR) for all plastic packaging.


Check out the Marble & Granite Inc. website where you can learn more about cleaning and maintaining your natural stone and quartz products as well as browse through the various cleaning and sealing products that we love. We’re always happy to answer any of your questions on maintenance, repair, cleaning, and more. Call us, toll-free, at 877-39-STONE.


Use another cleaning product on your natural surfaces? What’s your favorite and where do you purchase it? 


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