Marble Countertops: If it’s good enough for the Taj Mahal, it’s good enough for you

Marble Countertops: If it’s good enough for the Taj Mahal, it’s good enough for you

March 28, 2013


Taj Mahal countertop


Photo by Houzz  by Kitchens by Design 

Odds are you’re not building a 115-foot-tall tribute to your loved one. But, if you were, you’d choose a building material that would stand the test of time. You’d want something beautiful that people would admire for centuries to come. One of the most recognizable structures in the world, the Taj Mahal, for example, was built out of white marble in the 1600’s by a grief-stricken emperor. It’s widely considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. If marble was good enough for a monument meant to symbolize eternal love, it’s good enough for your countertops.

Too often, in our industry, we find that some of the “experts” are avoiding marble. Because marble does require more maintenance than granite  or quartz  surfacing, it’s often not promoted. Some (thankfully, not all) designers, architects, and remodelers want to avoid any issues that might result if homeowners aren’t properly educated on how to live with and care for marble countertops. Rather than ensuring that they thoroughly inform the customer, some just avoid promoting it all together. This is not only a disservice to our industry, but it also means that homeowners could be missing out on a beautiful material that adds warmth and luxury to the home.

Many homeowners love the look of marble, but they’ve been inundated by “horror stories.” They think it’s impossible to live with a marble countertop, or that it’s too difficult to maintain. They’re just misled. Marble does require more care than, say, granite or CaesarStone.  But usually, for those who enjoy cooking and spending time in their kitchen, it’s an easy sacrifice to make. Often times, these homeowners don’t mind the extra steps required to enjoy the timeless luxury of marble. Bottom line…education is key. If customers are well informed and they know what to expect, your designs, and bottom line, are protected.


Marble Countertop

Photo by Houzz  by Chelsea Atelier Architect, PC 

At Marble and Granite, Inc.,  we have a solid understanding of how marble reacts to various elements, conditions, circumstances and situations. We take the extra time to explain how to care for your marble countertops so that you’re confident in your selection. We ensure that you understand how your marble surface will live and change along with you, developing a unique patina over time. In life, few things remain constant. That’s what makes marble so special. Over time, it develops its own unique look that’s totally one-of-a-kind. 


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