Neolith From The Size Makes a Big Impression at KBIS

Neolith From The Size Makes a Big Impression at KBIS

May 09, 2013

Neolith Curve Panel resized 600

Featuring a large, gently curving rear wall comprised entirely of Neolith, The Size booth at last week’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS)  was abuzz over this unique, versatile material.

Showcasing how Neolith is ideal for countertops, cabinets, wall coverings, flooring, facades and so much more, the company’s display demonstrated what makes this material special. A ceramic made of 100-percent clay or sand, the material is resistant to scratching, stains, heat, fire, chemicals, cold, heat and even UV rays. Neolith  is a hygienic surface that’s extremely low-maintenance and easy to clean. It also stands up to high traffic, continuing to look like new for a lifetime.

The fact that Neolith  is a 5/16-inch thick product that can be ordered up to 145 inches long makes it incredibly versatile…not to mention that it’s lighter and easier to transport than stone slabs. Such flexibility in length makes vast stretches of wall or countertop free of joints and seams super easy to create. It may be thin, but this high-performance surfacing material can stand up to a lot of action. And it’s so thin that Neolith “slabs” (a bit of a contradiction in terms since it’s more like “sheets”) can be placed right over existing materials.

Didn’t make it to KBIS ? Come check out our Neolith from The Size at Marble and Granite, Inc. One of the largest Neolith retailers on the east coast, we can show you why we love this product, and why we think you will too.

 Neolith at KBIS



Photo by Marble and Granite, Inc.



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