White Granite: The Look of Marble Without the Maintenance

White Granite: The Look of Marble Without the Maintenance

September 10, 2013

Love the look of white marble, but not a fan of the “lived in” look? Try white granite.

Valley White Granite

White granite countertops by Veranda Estate Homes & Interiors; photo via Houzz

There’s no doubt about the beauty and luxury that classic marble, such as Carrara, conveys. But some homeowners do question the practicality of using it in the home. Gradually, marble  (especially the white/light hues) develops a “used” patina. A calcium-based surface, it will stain and etch far easier than its granite cousin. If you prefer your home to always look shiny and new, marble may not be the best choice for you.

White granite offers a clean, timeless look very similar to that of white marble. However, granite is far less likely to break, chip, crack, scratch, or stain. With proper care and maintenance (though less than required by marble), white granite will hold on to the look of glossy perfection far longer. Plus, it brings the same sense of elegance and luxury. Odds are, nobody will even know the difference.

White granite island

 White granite island by Venegas and Company; photo via Houzz

Just like marble, white granites pair beautifully with just about any cabinetry finish. From traditional and transitional to very sleek and modern styles, they’re at home anywhere. 

Curious to see if you can tell the difference between classic marble and white granite? Visit Marble and Granite, Inc. at one of our two showroom locations. We’ll show you the best options for mimicking the look of marble. 


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