ColorQuartz: A Brief History

ColorQuartz: A Brief History

April 15, 2014

ColorQuartz may not yet be a household brand name, but at Marble & Granite, Inc., we’re confident that as you learn more about this dynamic material, you’ll agree that it's a great choice for all of your quartz surfacing needs. Here’s a little bit of history about the company to help you understand our choice to bring ColorQuartz to the New England market.

Calypso Brown ColorQuartz

ColorQuartz in Calypso Brown; photo via ColorQuartz

About 40 years ago, the owners of ColorQuartz came to the United States from Taiwan. They started a distribution company called ColorMarble, similar to Marble & Granite, Inc. Around 2000, the company landed some big jobs that required “cut-to-size” stones. Since pricing for “cut-to-size” is far more competitive when produced overseas, they started a company in Shanghai to produce the cut-to-size material needed for their U.S. projects.

The next logical step was for the company to produce cut-to-size materials for other American companies. This became a booming aspect of their business, and they found themselves creating a large number of cut-to-size projects in quartz for projects in the U.S. The owners recognized the opportunity they had to fabricate quartz on their own, and so began ColorQuartz in China. Since the owners had a keen familiarity with the high level of quality expected in the United States, they were able to produce a top-notch product.

Pewter ColorQuartz

ColorQuartz in Pewter; Photo via ColorQuartz

Today, the factory that produces ColorQuartz surfaces is 100 percent focused on providing a quartz surface that meets the demanding expectations of the market. Plus, ColorQuartz features recycled content such as glass, mirror, crystal, and other natural minerals. The company is leading the movement toward cleaner, safer, surfacing materials. All surfaces are tested, assuring that every slab offers the hard, durable, extremely dense, non-porous, and non-absorbent material you expect.

The ColorQuartz tag-line is: “Designed and created in the U.S. and value engineered in China.” Simply put, we believe ColorQuartz Surfaces are one of the best choices you can make for your project.

Check out our entire inventory of ColorQuartz on our website. And feel free to post your questions here in the comments section. We’d love to tell you more. 


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