Why We Love ColorQuartz (Plus a Cool Video!)

Why We Love ColorQuartz (Plus a Cool Video!)

April 08, 2014

Here at Marble and Granite, Inc., we’re exceptionally proud to be New England’s only distributor of ColorQuartz® Stone surfaces. And we’re excited to share with you all of the reasons that we love this product.

First of all, what makes ColorQuartz so special? Well, in a nutshell, it offers the same high performance benefits as other more widely known quartz products (including heat, scratch, and stain resistance) but also offers the advantages of availability in larger slabs (124-inches by 62-inches), faster lead times, and competitive pricing.

Frost White ColorQuartz

ColorQuartz in Frost White; photo via ColorQuartz

ColorQuartz is so versatile that it’s a fantastic choice for any interior application, vertical or horizontal, from countertops and floors to walls and fireplace surrounds. Our experienced stone professionals feel that ColorQuartz offers just the right features and benefits needed to propel the quartz surfacing industry forward into its next phase. While natural stone is still the number-one selected surface in building and construction (especially for countertops), all signs point to quartz as the industry’s “next big thing.”

In fact, the 2014 National Kitchen & Bath Association Design Trends Survey reports that 70 percent of respondents see the specification of quartz countertops increasing in 2014. Designer and homeowners alike appreciate the combination of nature (since ColorQuartz is made of 93 percent natural quartz) and technology. They also love that it can be crafted into some spectacular and functional applications.

Want a sneak peek of this exciting new product? Check out this video from ColorQuartz, which demonstrates the versatility, innovation, and beauty of the material. Then come by one of our two showroom locations to see ColorQuartz slabs up close and personal!



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