ColorQuartz: The Fusion of Beauty and Strength

ColorQuartz: The Fusion of Beauty and Strength

June 17, 2014

Since it’s made of 93-percent crushed quartz (one of nature’s hardest minerals), the flexural strength of ColorQuartz Stone is four times more than that of natural stone. And since it’s available in a vast array of color choices, it’s the ideal fusion of beauty and strength—making it an excellent choice for virtually any surface, from residential to commercial.

Pewter from ColorQuartz

Island and countertop done in Pewter; photo via ColorQuartz

Leading the movement towards cleaner, safer surfacing materials, ColorQuartz tests all of their products to confirm that they are hard, durable, extremely dense, non-porous, and nonabsorbent. Besides strength, ColorQuartz also offers twice the impact resistance of stone, making it scratch, heat, and chemical resistant too.

Paloma White from ColorQuartz

Paloma White from ColorQuartz; photo via ColorQuartz 

The manufacturer combines quartz with the highest quality polyester resins and pigments, which are then pressed into very dense slabs. The result is a non-porous material that never needs to be sealed. It’s highly stain resistant and virtually maintenance-free. In fact, for residential projects, ColorQuartz offers a lifetime warranty. For commercial projects, they offer a 10-year warranty.

Venatino from ColorQuartz

Beautiful countertop of Venatino ColorQuartz in Bender Plumbing Showroom, New Haven CT

As New England’s exclusive ColorQuartz distributor, we have a network of more than 500 area fabricators who are ready to fabricate your job. We’d love to share more about this innovative product and share with you our inventory, including a choice of 40 colors, right in our warehouse. Give us a call at 877-39-STONE.


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