Virginia Soapstone: A Beautiful, Earth-friendly Choice

Virginia Soapstone: A Beautiful, Earth-friendly Choice

June 05, 2014

Q: I’ve heard there is soapstone that’s quarried in central Virginia. What can you tell us about it? We love the idea of a great domestic product.

A: Yes, you’re talking about Alberene Soapstone, a quarry located in Schuyler, Virginia. Polycor, the largest and most diversified granite and marble group in North America recently purchased this quarry. Not only do they offer a particularly beautiful product, but also many end-users love the fact that the domestic product offers many earth-friendly advantages.

Originally founded in 1888, the Blue Ridge Mountain quarry yields a product called Churchill Soapstone. A bit darker than the popular Barocca Soapstone from Brazil, its prized by those who are looking for a richer hue with unmatched natural beauty.

Churchill Soapstone
Churchill soapstone, quarried in Schuyler, VA, is prized for its darker hue

Naturally nonporous, Soapstone makes a great choice for countertops, in particular, because it doesn’t require chemical sealing, won’t stain or collect bacteria, won’t scorch or burn, plus it’s easy to clean, maintain, and repair (if necessary.)

Barroca Soapstone

Barroca soapstone from Brazil - still beautiful, but lighter than Churchill soapstone

For those industry experts and homeowners who lean towards “green,” Churchill Soapstone is an ideal choice, and a great alternative to shiny polished granites and marbles. Projects within 500 miles of the plant can qualify for LEED points. Plus, Virginia soapstone offers these added benefits:

• Zero chemicals used during mining and extraction
• No explosives used in the quarry
• Lower carbon footprint than products imported from China, India, Brazil, and Italy.
• Minimal waste- if a block isn’t used for large slabs, it’s used for smaller products like pavers, flagstone or tiles 
• Releases no offgas
• Contains no epoxies and no adhesive mesh weave or formaldehyde-based bonding agents.

Want to know more about Virginia soapstone? We’re happy to answer any questions you have about natural stone products, both domestic and imported. Call us at 877-39-STONE.


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