Neolith…Ahead of the Curve

Neolith…Ahead of the Curve

May 06, 2014

We’ve been touting the features of Neolith for some time now. For example, you know that the lightweight slabs are easy to transport and handle, and that it’s easy to clean. From its resistance to liquids, heat, fire, and abrasion to its hygienic, resin-free surface Neolith is one phenomenal new building material. But one other feature that places Neolith ahead of the curve is its ability to…well, curve!

Neolith has an exceptionally high flexural strength, which means it can be custom cut into striking curved shapes. Its high flexural strength defies rigidity, straight lines, and the imagination!

Neolith has high flexural strength

High performing Neolith has an exceptionally high flexural strength, which allows it to easily be formed into graceful curves; photo via THESIZE

So what’s flexural strength? Well, basically when an object formed of a single material (such as a wooden beam, a steel rod, or in our case, a slab of Neolith) is bent, it experiences a range of stresses. On the inside of the bend, the stress will be at its maximum compressive value. At the outside of the bend, the stress will be at its maximum tensile value. Basically, the inside is being pushed and the outside is being pulled. Most materials fail under tensile strength before they fail under compressive stress, so the maximum “pulling” stress value that can be sustained before the material fails is its flexural strength.

Neolith has a Breaking Strength of 390N and Flexural Resistance equal to 61 N/mm2 (in the 3mm thickness). These numbers might not mean a lot to your average reader, but suffice it to say that these measurements mean Neolith will bend quite a bit before it will break. This makes Neolith a truly remarkable and versatile material. It can be used in applications that require curves for acoustic perfection, thermal isolation, water tightness and even continuous ventilation.

Of course, Neolith is also prized for its performance as exterior cladding. Imagine the amazing curves and architectural achievements possible with Neolith!

Want to know more about exceptionally strong, environmentally friendly, and very bendable Neolith? Check out Marble & Granite, Inc. online or call us at 877-39 STONE.


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