New Additions to Neolith’s Iron Collection

New Additions to Neolith’s Iron Collection

November 04, 2014

We love weathered finishes. We also love materials that create a distressed look without having to wait half a century for the natural weathered patina. Neolith’s Iron Collection offers a great alternative to actual reclaimed materials, especially since it also offers a durability unmatched by most surfacing choices today. Plus, they’ve added two new options to the collection, both of which are designed to provide more depth of pattern and contrast.

Iron Blue from Neolith

  Photo of Iron Blue via THESIZE; brand new addition to Iron Collection

Iron Blue provides a more definite bluish tone while Iron Ash features a greyish hue throughout. Both new shades are ideal for flooring, wall cladding, furniture application, fireplace surrounds, countertops, vanities, and more. The two striking designs complement the existing, somewhat more neutral colors, previously available.

Neolith from THESIZE

Colorful world of Neolith; photo via THESIZE

 Both new colors come only in slabs sizes measuring 3,200 mm by 1,500 mm, so they’re great where long stretches of surfacing, without seams, are required. They’re both available in 6mm and 12mm thickness with a satin finish.

Iron Ash from THESIZE

  Iron Ash is a wonderful addition to Iron Collection; photo via THESIZE

Another fantastic reason for choosing the Neolith Iron Collection is that it provides that rugged, lived with look of iron in a product that will stand the test of time. Neolith is impervious to scratching, stains, heat, fire, chemicals, cold, heat, and even UV rays. Its hygienic surface is easy to clean and it stands up to high traffic abrasion.

Want to learn more about Neolith? Come visit us in person to see what this ultra-thin, cutting-edge material can do.


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