Creating Compelling Color Combinations of ColorQuartz

Creating Compelling Color Combinations of ColorQuartz

October 16, 2014

We’re stone and surfacing experts, not interior designers. However, our customers commonly ask us for suggestions when it comes to cabinetry and countertop color combinations. So we make it a priority to know the latest color and style trends so that we can make sensible suggestions that give our clients the beautiful end results they desire. One surface we’ve recently had fun “color matching” is ColorQuartz in French Tan.

French Tan ColorQuartz

ColorQuartz in French Tan; Photo via Marble and Granite, Inc.

More “deep brown” than your standard “tan”, this unique surface calls to mind coffee grounds, maybe from a deep, bold cup of espresso. Combining shades of red, rust, and black, it’s a color found widely in nature in dark wood and rich soil. With its rust-like tone, French Tan is actually very versatile. It can be combined with weathered cabinetry for a rustic look or sleek European styled cabinetry for a modern “industrial” feel.

When pairing with cabinetry, there are a variety of design directions French Tan can take. It would make a beautiful complementary color for clean white, off-white, linen, and ivory cabinets. It can also add character to wood finishes such as bamboo, golden maple, and natural oak. Or it can perfectly “ground” more saturated color hues such as sage, mossy green, blue and even red. It also makes a bold statement when paired with various shades of black and grey.

Here are a few of our favorite color combinations including French Tan:

Sage MDF cabinetsFrench Tan ColorQuartz

French Tan ColorQuartz paired with Linen Thermofoil Cabinets by Wellborn


Cherry Wood by WellbornFrench Tan ColorQuartz

French Tan ColorQuartz paired with Cherry wood cabinetry with oatmeal stain by Wellborn


Honey Butter MDF cabinets by Wellborn French Tan ColorQuartz

Combination of French Tan ColorQuartz with Honey Butter MDF cabinets by Wellborn

Whatever color combinations you prefer, or whichever style or concept you’re going for, we can help you find a beautifully coordinating surface. Feel free to stop by one of our two New England area showrooms or call 877-39-STONE for an appointment with our experienced sales staff.


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