Natural v. Man-made: The difference isn’t always black and white

Natural v. Man-made: The difference isn’t always black and white

October 23, 2014

When it comes to countertops, granite is still the number-one choice made by homeowners. But did you know that quartz surfaces such as ColorQuartz aren’t too far behind? Quartz surfaces are catching up because folks are now realizing that these materials have a lot to offer. In other words, the choice isn’t necessarily black and white.

Venatino ColorQuartz

Beautiful countertop display done in Venatino ColorQuartz; photo via Bender Plumbing, CT

For many years, natural stones like marble and granite were the most durable options for countertops (with granite edging out marble for maintenance reasons, but that’s another blog for another day.) They not only offered longevity, but they were a way to add natural beauty and luxury to a kitchen or bath. There are those who still feel the “only” option is an exotic granite or classic Italian marble. However, others are coming around to what quartz has to offer.

Unlike natural stone, ColorQuartz is chemical, stain, chip, and crack resistant. It’s non-porous and never requires sealing. Plus today’s manufacturing processes have come a very long way. Companies like ColorQuartz are now able to offer choices that look deceptively similar to natural stone. A great example is Venatino, one of our most popular selections. It offers all of the benefits of engineered surfaces but has the elegant beauty of marble.

ColorQuartz is made of 93 percent crushed quartz (which is one of nature’s hardest minerals), combined with high-quality polyester resins and pigments. These are compacted into dense slabs that are actually four times stronger and flexible, plus twice as impact resistant as natural stone. ColorQuartz doesn’t require the same amount of maintenance as granite or marble. And customers are beginning to gain a real appreciation for low-maintenance options.

Granted, there will always be those who demand a classic white marble, despite the extra maintenance. It’s all about personal preference. Whether you think a natural marble or a marble-inspired shade like Venatino might be a good fit for your project, come see the slabs we have available at Marble and Granite, Inc. We’ll answer any questions you have about either material and help you make the best decision for your project.


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