Neolith Has “Size” able Impact on Surfacing Industry

Neolith Has “Size” able Impact on Surfacing Industry

October 21, 2014

The word Neolith literally means “new stone.” But ask manufacturer The Size about this ultra compact, super slim material, and they’re likely to tell you it could also be called “new and improved stone.” Formed from natural raw materials and engineered to astounding degrees of durability, Neolith is having a profound impact on the North American surfacing industry. As one of the largest East Coast distributors of Neolith in the U.S., we’ve watched the demand for this innovative material grow over the past year, reflecting the success Neolith is experiencing overall in the North American surfacing industry.

Facade in Neolith

Ultra compact, super slim Neolith surfacing from The Size, used here on a building exterior, is revolutionizing the world of surfacing.

When we introduced Neolith into our inventory, we predicted that its positive attributes would revolutionize the world of surfacing. And they have. The indoor/outdoor material is now used in exterior architecture, luxury residential design, and commercial spaces. The first surface of its kind to appear on the market, Neolith is an excellent choice for flooring, interior wall cladding, exterior facades and more.

Between 2012 and 2013, sales of Neolith in the U.S. increased over 80 percent. Sales for both the U.S. and Canada are expected to double in 2014. The tremendous success of this material can be attributed to both superior quality and its unique characteristics. Neolith combines the best natural raw materials with state-of-the-art technology to create high-tech, durable slabs. Neolith is resistant to scratches, stain, heat, cold, moisture, harsh chemicals, and UV rays.

Countertop done in Neolith

Neolith is a fantastic choice for countertops, wall covering, and cabinet facing; photo via TheSize

Neolith is made from clays, feldspar, silica, and mineral oxides. These natural materials are put through a high-pressure, high-temperature kilning process that results in one of the most resilient surfaces on the market. Whereas many thin, compact surfaces are easily broken and damaged during transportation and fabrication, Neolith is the first brand to offer 12mm thickness, making it far less likely to crack or splinter when being cut. Plus, the 12mm thickness can be easily fabricated to any thickness desired.

Interior designers, distributors, fabricators, and homeowners alike have embraced this revolutionary material while the TheSize continues to push the boundaries when it comes to available textures, colors, and sizes.

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