I'm Dreaming of a White Countertop

I'm Dreaming of a White Countertop

December 30, 2015


Super White granite peninsula designed by C. Quinn Kitchen & Bath Designers.

We may not have had a white Christmas this year, but you can still brighten up your kitchen with a fresh new white countertop.White is one of the hottest color trends going in the kitchen for both cabinetry and countertops. In the past, white countertops were typically associated with marble. But today, there are plenty of options in shades of white—some of which are a bit easier to maintain than marble. Engineered quartz surfaces are a great-looking option, but if you have your heart set on natural stone, consider white granite. 

 Andromeda White granite slab at Marble & Granite, Inc..

Though it looks a lot like marble, white granite surfaces such as Andromeda White granite and Himalayan White granite offer a little more durability than classic marble. Whereas marble is a calcium-based surface and will stain and etch, granite is less likely to break, chip, crack, scratch, or stain. White granite shades like Colonial White granite are a wonderful substitute for marble. They provide the timeless look, but are a little easier to live with. 


Colonial Cream granite slab at Marble & Granite, Inc..

If you love the timeless luxury of marble but you’re not a fan of the “lived with” look that inevitably develops over time, white granite is a good choice. White granites will hold onto their look of glossy perfection longer than marble  will. 


 Fantastic White granite slab at Marble & Granite, Inc

Visit Marble & Granite, Inc. and let our experienced stone professionals show you the array of white granite options we have in stock. We can show you examples of marbleColorQuartz, and even ultra-thin Neolith  surfacing so that you can compare all of the options. Give us a call at 877-39-STONE.


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