Neolith Now Available In 5- ft. by 5- ft. Slabs

Neolith Now Available In 5- ft. by 5- ft. Slabs

February 03, 2015

New for 2015, Neolith ultra-compact surfacing is available in a more floor-friendly format. Recently introduced at manufacturer TheSize’s booth at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), slabs now come in 5-ft. by 5-ft. tiles (1,500 x 1,500 mm) — a size unique to the sintered compact surface category.

Neolith by THESIZE

Ultra-compact Neolith surfacing now comes in a 5-ft. by 5-ft. tile ideal for flooring applications.

The additional size, which fits in between the company’s massive12-ft. by 5-ft. sheet (3,600 x 1,500 mm sheet) and the more compact 2.5-ft. by 5-ft. (1,500 x 750 mm)) tile was designed with floor use in mind. Since large format flooring tiles are one of today’s top trends, this new size allows Neolith greater flexibility for meeting professional and consumer needs. The larger format tile provides an easy-to-handle product and allows for cleaner design with fewer joints.

The new size will only be available in certain colors—primarily neutrals and stone-inspired shades. And just like all Neolith surfacing, it’s hygienic, impervious to chemicals and resistant to staining, scratching, direct heat, UV-ray fading, and general wear. It’s 100-percent natural and produced responsibly with top-line durability. Neolith may be used inside our out, regardless of the selected finish.

If you’d like to see which Neolith finishes are available in the new 5-ft. square format, check out our inventory of Neolith, visit one of our two New England area showrooms, or call us at 877-39-STONE.


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