Carrara Italy’s Rich Quarrying History

Carrara Italy’s Rich Quarrying History

January 20, 2015

If you’re a homeowner considering Bianco Carrara Marble, or a designer, architect, or builder who frequently builds with this material, this video published by Campolonghi SpA is a must-see.

At first glance, the stark white you see on top of the rugged mountains looks like snow. As you get a closer look, you’ll clearly see these “ice caps” are actually outcroppings of beautiful, rich white marble! The stone peeks out from underneath trees and other vegetation, announcing its presence to the world.

Carrara Quarry

Carrara Marble Quarry in Italy

The video traces the history of the “lizzatore” or quarry man, and shows how the job has changed along with the times and available technologies. Generations ago, men faced the herculean task of bringing blocks of marble down the mountain with barely more than chisels and their bare hands. They’d chop down beech wood trees and use them to delicately slide the blocks down the valley. As the narrator explains, it was “a danger that became a habit.” The men had the utmost respect and passion for their job, so much so that these roles were passed down to their children, children’s children, and so on.

The advent of machines sped up the process. As the video explains, today tools achieve in an hour the work of one hundred men. Pneumatic hammers have replaced chisels and dynamite and heavy machines have replaced beech trees and oxen. And tons of marble per day is transported to the harbor, and from there sent all over the world.

The video is an amazing look at how far quarrying has come. If you love the beauty of Bianco Carrara Marble, you’ll appreciate the history and charm of this amazing stone even more once you experience the quarry from the perspective of the lizzatore…men who worked in dangerous conditions day-in and day-out to bring beautiful White Carrara Marble to the world.

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