Home Décor: The Marble Movement

Home Décor: The Marble Movement

January 29, 2015

Not only does marble make a stunning surfacing choice, but it’s also one of today’s hottest home accessories! From exquisitely designed lighting to a simple candlestick, marble can now be found in some pretty unexpected places around the home. As a decorative material, it adds an elegance and warmth that’s undeniable.

Accessories Made with Marble

Designer Lee Broom has created a line of contemporary home accessories made with exquisite marble

As an example, London-based product and interior designer Lee Broom pushes the stone to its practical limits with his latest collection. Called Nouveau Rebel, the line features lamps, candlesticks, and even martini glasses made with marble.

Globe Light in Carrara Marble

The Globe light by product and interior designer Lee Broom is made with Carrara Marble

Recently written up in both Architectural Digest and Elle Décor magazines, the collection makes use of marble in a very different, contemporary way. For instance, Broom’s Globe light is shaped from solid Carrara marble into a less than one-inch thick bowl. A hidden LED light bulb shines through the nearly translucent material, creating a warm glow, not to mention a surreal effect. The Fulcrum candlestick employs pure Carrara marble to produce a monolithic take on the modern candlestick. And the Chamber accent lamp uses light from a 40-watt bulb, which glows through a translucent column of Carrara marble held within a crystal framework.

Glassware collection by Lee Broom

Another stunning piece by designer Lee Broom

The Nouveau Rebel line is just one example of products made with natural stone that are on the top of our decorative “wish list” at Marble and Granite, Inc. If you’d like more information about marble, or any of our luxurious surfacing materials, don’t hesitate to visit one of our two New England area showrooms. We’ll be happy to help you select a material just right for any project, from ceiling to floor and anywhere in between.


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