Colonial Cream—Anything But Old Fashioned

Colonial Cream—Anything But Old Fashioned

June 17, 2015

It’s true that we in New England treasure our colonial roots. We proudly trace our heritage back to the first English settlers who sailed from Plymouth, England to Plymouth, Massachusetts, through the brave Patriots’ protest against the British Tea Act, right on through 1775 when the first shots of the Revolutionary War were fired at Concord. We love our history and tradition. And when it comes to design, we embrace elements that remind us of this proud heritage. But we really love it when something gently harkens back to old times, yet celebrates modernity. Colonial Cream granite is one of those materials.


This Wellesley, MA kitchen, remodeled by Phillip F. Gaudette Construction Co. Inc., features Colonial Cream granite countertops with a simple pencil edge. Photo via Houzz

Quarried in India, Colonial Cream granite features a light, creamy base with patterns of beige, gold, grey, and ivory. Occasionally, Colonial Cream granite contains black and burgundy specks. Sometimes it features very dark veining with varying degrees of color saturation. Often with a sandy appearance like a rocky shore, the colors in Colonial Cream granite blends beautifully with a variety of cabinet colors. It’s stunning paired with black and dark espresso and dark walnut finishes. And it even looks sensational when paired with shades of white, from a crisp bright white to a more antique white finish.


Colonial Cream granite from Marble and Granite, Inc.

Quite possibly one of the most popular choices for residential settings, Colonial Cream is a perfect choice for homeowners who want to invest in quality granite, but they don’t want something that will overpower the rest of the room’s décor. Colonial Cream adds a charm and elegance that’s familiar, yet modern in every way.

Remember, no two slabs of granite look alike—even those of the same variety. So be sure to inspect the actual slabs you buy before you purchase them. Want to see Colonial Cream for yourself? Stop by one of our two New England area showrooms where our professional stone experts will show you, in person, the classic beauty of Colonial Cream granite.


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