Crystaline Stone: Infuse Your Projects With The Power of Gemstones

Crystaline Stone: Infuse Your Projects With The Power of Gemstones

June 11, 2015

Many people believe that gemstones and crystals possess special healing powers. Throughout history, Emeralds, for example, have been thought to enhance positive energy and help overcome problems. Sapphires are said to restore balance. And Amethysts…well one of their powers is supposedly to ward of drunkenness. We can’t say for sure that bringing a pocket full of Amethysts will help you at your next happy hour, but we can appreciate the beauty of these stones. If you can, too, and you’re looking to incorporate a little drama into your surfacing projects, check out Crystaline Stone.

Created via a high-tech process called Inter-Crystaline Technological Coloring, high temperatures and pressure, combined with specially developed sealants and pigments, molecularly fuse bold, permanent color throughout the stone—which is typically either a white marble or a grey granite. The result is a remarkably durable and colorful material with the same characteristics as the original stone. The coloring process, however, makes Crystaline Stone less porous and therefore easier to clean.

Crystaline Stone’s dynamic Gems collection comes in exotic shades including…


Crystaline Stone in Emerald Gems. One of the most valued gemstones, emeralds help one let go of negativity. This powerful stone is said to help create positive actions and outcomes and give you the strength to overcome any problems in one’s life. They are the birthstone of May and are said to open the heart chakra and draw love into one’s life.



Crystaline Stone in Amethyst Gems. Amethysts are said to be a natural stress reliever that encourages inner strength and brings wealth and a strong business sense to its wearer. It brings clarity to the mind and helps one become more in tune with one’s feelings. Amethysts are a wonderful protection stone for the home. 



Citrine Gems Crystaline Stone. Citrine signifies light and happiness. It holds no negative energy and helps the wearer manifest whatever they seek to bring into their lives. It activates the imagination, bringing more creative visions to a clearer mind and leads to a positive outlook on life. 



Ruby Gems Crystaline Stone. The ruby is a stone of nobility. The energy of the ruby is intense and vivid. It encourages one to follow their bliss. It strengthens the heart and brings love, confidence, loyalty and courage to those who possess it. It’s also good for the blood sugar. 



Aquamarine Gems by Crystaline Stone. Aquamarine clears the mind, balances emotions and strengthens one’s personal power. In ancient times, sailors carried the stone to protect them against the dangers of the sea. It also gave them courage. Aquamarine is said to help one realize their innermost truth and promote self-expression. 


Crystaline Stone in Jade. Jade is considered to be a powerful lucky charm. It’s a stone that can help one attain their goals and dreams, allowing them to see past self-imposed limitations. It’s said that jade helps manifest one’s dreams in the physical world. Jade promotes courage, compassion, generosity and longevity, helping one lead a richer, more fulfilling life.


Sapphire Gems Crystaline Stone. Sapphire is known as the “wisdom stone.” It is purported to release mental tension, depression, unwanted thoughts, and spiritual confusion. Sapphires restore balance to the body, aligning the physical, mental, and spiritual planes to bring serenity and peace of mind. Also known as the “stone of prosperity,” sapphires are said to attract gifts plus treat blood disorders and excessive bleeding.

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