Our Fabricators Love ColorQuartz as Much as We Do!

Our Fabricators Love ColorQuartz as Much as We Do!

May 07, 2015

Here at Marble and Granite, Inc., we love ColorQuartz. And we enjoy sharing with you, our readers, the many reasons why. But we also think it might be helpful for you to hear straight from our customers why they, too, are fans of this innovative material.


ColorQuartz quartz surfacing in Starlight; photo via ColorQuartz

Recently, we talked with Matt Laliberte with Ripano Stoneworks in Nashua, New Hampshire about ColorQuartz. Here’s what he had to say:

We certainly have a love affair with natural stone here at Ripano Stoneworks. After 28 years in business, we’re still amazed at the beautiful new colors of granites and marbles that we get the opportunity to work with. But working with natural stone doesn’t come without its challenges.

We like to say, “Mother Nature doesn’t make mistakes.” However, there are often certain features in natural stone (such as fissures, or what we call “birthmarks”) that we try to work around. Many times these features can’t be avoided and we point them out to the end user during slab selection so that there are no surprises. But, for a client who doesn’t want to worry about any of this, ColorQuartz is a great option. It’s extremely durable and easy to fabricate. And since it’s made under very strict standards of quality control, there are no cracks or “birthmarks” to work around.

Another advantage to ColorQuartz is that the material is non-porous and never requires sealing. While natural stone and ColorQuartz are both great options for countertops, they have their differences and should be selected carefully. The key is visiting a showroom or supplier so that you can experience all options and make an educated decision.

We’d love to tell you more about why ColorQuartz is the most practical choice for residential, hospitality, and commercial interior applications. You’re invited to peruse our online inventory or visit us for a one-on-one lesson in ColorQuartz.


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