Which Marble is Named For a U.S. President?

Which Marble is Named For a U.S. President?

July 07, 2016


Calacatta Lincoln from Colorado’s Yule Marble Quarry. Photo via Colorado Stone Quarries. 

If you’re looking into marble for your new home or remodel, you’ve probably come across it. Does Calacatta Lincoln ring a bell? This beautiful American marble that comes from Colorado’s Yule Creek Valley was named after the 16th President of the United States. Actually, rather than being named after Honest Abe himself, the marble is named after the stately Washington, D.C. monument that bears his name.


 The construction of Henry Bacon’s memorial to 16th President Abraham Lincoln

Calacatta Lincoln is one of three grades of marble that come from the Yule Marble Quarry. (The others are Gold Vein Extra and Golden Vein Select.) And it’s as beautiful as the Calacatta marble of Italy. The quarry is located in the Crystal River Valley near Aspen, in a town appropriately named Marble, Colorado. First discovered in 1873, the quarry yields marble that’s a bit different from other American marbles because of the way it is formed. Most other marbles in the United States, such as Vermont and Georgia for example, were formed over time by the heat and pressure of plate tectonics, or “regional metamorphism.” However, the Yule deposit most likely came about via a body of flowing magma. This is known as “contact metamorphism.” The quarry is located inside a very steep mountain over 9,300 feet above sea level. This is also unique since most marbles are quarried from an open pit at a much lower elevation. And because the stone is found deep inside the mountain, production happens all year round, no matter what Mother Nature might be doing outside.

Calacatta Lincoln marble features a white background accented with thin veins and blushes of light gray. Calacatta Lincoln has a homogeneous look. Its grain gives the appearance of a smooth texture and its luminous surface takes a polish very well. Calacatta Lincoln makes for gorgeous countertops, flooring, statuary, and sculpture. In fact architect Henry Bacon loved the marble so much that he (successfully) urged that it be used to clad the entire exterior of the Lincoln Memorial—which, in fact, gave the product its name. 


Prized for its smooth texture and homogeneous look, the marble used to memorialize the 16th President of the United States now bears his name: Calacatta Lincoln. 

Viewed as a “treasure for the state and the entire country,” Calacatta Lincoln is the marble of choice for a number of major national and state landmarks. Besides the Lincoln Memorial, it also adorns D.C.’s Washington Monument and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as well as the life-sized sculpture of former president George Bush for the library in Texas that bears his name.

Although Calacatta Lincoln is worthy of memorializing U.S. Presidents and dignitaries, you can have the same beautiful marble in your kitchen, bath, foyer, living room, or anyplace you’re looking to incorporate the classic elegance of marble. While not the least expensive marble choice available, Calacatta Lincoln is attainable for those with the budget. And as for maintenance, just like any other marble, Calacatta Lincoln must be sealed and re-sealed regularly. Cleaning is easy with mild soap or a natural stone cleaner such as those we offer in stock: http://www.marbleandgranite.com/stone-slabs/fabrication-supplies/adhesives-sealers-cleaners?availability=1

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