What's Cool in Countertops

What's Cool in Countertops

May 05, 2016



 Granite, such as this beautiful slab of Cirrus White remains one of the most popular materials for kitchen countertops. Design by Living Stone Granite .

What’s Cool in Countertops

Are you building a new home or considering a kitchen or bath remodel? If so, you’ve probably already begun to research materials for the various elements. In the kitchen and bath, the countertop is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. It has to be durable, but you want it to look great too. Here’s a look at what some of today’s top kitchen and bath experts are including in their coolest countertop projects.

Quartz and Granite

Today’s most popular countertop trends include a mix of familiar elements. And while the materials that are top choices for countertops may not be brand new, they’re being used in new and interesting ways. Granite and quartz (such as ColorQuartz), for example, are the top two most requested countertop materials for kitchens and baths.

Granite is an old favorite. Beloved for its natural beauty, today we’re seeing slimmer profiles and unique design elements like waterfall style edges. With quartz, innovation in manufacturing techniques and increased familiarity with its features and benefits has boosted sales of quartz surfaces. Lower maintenance, antibacterial properties, no need for sealing, and increased durability are just a few of the reasons homeowners and designers alike will choose manmade quartz surfacing over natural stone. Quartz surfacing such as our favorite brand, ColorQuartz, can be fabricated in virtually any shape, size, or pattern imaginable. It also allows for the option of integrated sinks as well as concealed seams and joints.

Neutral Palette
As far as color palette goes, neutrals are leading the pack, and white is top of the heap. It’s considered one of the freshest new neutrals and we’re seeing both cabinetry and countertops in various shades of white. Once thought to be cold and austere, white is now thought of as simple, clean, comfortable, and welcoming. White countertops add contrast to darker shaded cabinets and provide a clean, wholesome blank canvas for adding one’s unique personality and flair. White is a versatile shade that works well with both traditional and contemporary decor styles, complementing any cabinet color in the rainbow.

Metallic “Bling”
Anything that adds a little “bling” to the kitchen or bath is also popular, including countertops. Sparkling and shiny surfaces help to freshen up spaces in a bold and warm way. Quartz and other engineered surfaces that include sparkles of metal, gemstones, glass and more add personality and drama to the countertop and backsplash areas. Here are a couple of ColorQuartz surfaces that will add shimmer and shine to the kitchen or bath:


ColorQuartz in Star Wars 

Red_Jewel_CQ_display.jpg ColorQuartz in Red Jewel on display at Aitoro Appliances in Norwalk, CT

We know that the vast array of materials available sometimes makes it challenging to make a decision. Our professional surfacing experts are available to answer your questions and show you examples of quartz, granite, marble, and more. Stop by one of our two New England showrooms and our team will be happy to show you the very latest. Best of luck with your new project!


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