May 2017

Show the Laundry Room Some Love

May 26, 2017
The laundry room has a tough job. It’s a workhorse much like the kitchen and the bathroom, but it’s typically not shown very much love when it comes to design. Bathrooms and kitchens typically tend to get all of the attention, and by attention we mean beautiful tile and stonework. However, as today’s laundry rooms evolve into multi-purpose spaces that are seeing more use, they are proving they are just as deserving of a little design T.L. C. as the other spaces.
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Get Your Shine On With Neolith's NanoTech Polished Finish

May 19, 2017
Are you looking to add a little luster to your project? If you are after a gleaming polished finish that radiates light and luminosity, Neolith has a new option for you to explore. The company’s NanoTech Polished finish creates the whitest whites and the darkest black options on the market today. 
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A First-Hand Look at The Quarries of Carrara

May 11, 2017
Designer Sarah Burgett-L. from Hutker Architects, Inc. recently toured some of the most famous and breathtaking quarries in the world during her visit to Carrara, Italy. She shared these amazing photos of her experience as she learned about both ancient and modern methods of marble excavation. We’d like to share them with you to give you a first-hand look at the mesmerizing visual experience of visiting these renowned Italian quarries. 
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