Get Your Shine On With Neolith's NanoTech Polished Finish

Get Your Shine On With Neolith's NanoTech Polished Finish

May 19, 2017

Neolith’s NanoTech Polished finish offers the whitest whites and the darkest black surfacing options on the market today. (Photo courtesy of TheSize.) 

Are you looking to add a little luster to your project? If you are after a gleaming polished finish that radiates light and luminosity, Neolith has a new option for you to explore. The company’s NanoTech Polished finish creates the whitest whites and the darkest black options on the market today. 

The second finish in the company’s “polished” series, it’s the successor of the original Décor Polished, a high-gloss finish achieved by layering glass on top of the slab. NanoTech Polished, however, manages to achieve the same high-gloss finish but without the need for the additional glass layer. Instead of applying the cover, the slab is directly polished once it comes out of the kiln. Manufacturer TheSize uses a special raw material during the sintering process to help achieve a perfectly flat reflection. The result is a remarkable shine unlike any other material available today. 

Neolith is a relatively new innovation in the surface industry. It’s made of 100% natural minerals and comes in large, ultra-compact slabs. It’s a great material to use when you’re looking to minimize the number of seams in any given project, plus it can be directly applied to any existing surface. What makes Neolith even more appealing is its exceptional durability. Neolith will stand up to stains, heat, scratching, and etching. Plus, it is 100% UV proof, so it won’t change color over time. Neolith never needs to be sealed and it is very easy to clean and maintain. 

Neolith comes in a multitude of colors. Finishes range from muted matte to the impressive gleam of NanoTech Polished. 

Marble & Granite, Inc. is New England’s largest supplier of Neolith. We’d love to help you incorporate this spectacular shining surface into your project. Visit one of our two locations in Westwood, MA  or Milford, CT. Or give us a call at 877 39 STONE. You can also see our complete inventory at


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