All Types of Italian Marble Are the Same, Right?

All Types of Italian Marble Are the Same, Right?

September 18, 2017

Q: We’re working on a kitchen remodel. We love the look of Italian white marble, but we’re still undecided on our slab. Our stone provider showed us three different kinds: Calacatta, Carrara, and Statuario. Does it matter which one we choose? Isn’t all Italian marble the same? 

A: To the untrained eye, all white marbles from Italy may look the same. But there are differences. The most popular white Italian marble varieties are Carrara, Calacatta, and Statuario. These three Italian marbles can sometimes resemble one another, but there are differences that are important to note in order to be able to choose just the right one. 
Carrara Marble from Italy

Carrara marble is grayish-white with less large veins and more fine, feathery veining that often appears to be linear. 
Calacatta Marble from Italy

Calacatta marble is more rare than Carrara and is more white than gray. It has dramatic veins that result in thick, predominant patterns. It often has undertones of brown and gold. 
Statuario Marble from Italy

Statuario is the most precious marble variety found in Italy. It has distinctive veining that can range from gold to gray. 

Since no two marble formations in the world are the same, all three of these marble types will also vary from slab to slab. The uniqueness of each marble slab is what can make a particular project truly personal and reflective of your individual style. So, what’s more important than deciding between Carrara, Calacatta, and Statuario is choosing the slab out of all three of these varieties that’s just right for your kitchen. Ask your marble provider for at least three samples of each in order to find the color, variation, and pattern combination that speaks to you the most. 

Here at Marble & Granite, Inc., we feature rare and precious Italian marble varieties including Carrara, Calacatta, and Statuario. You can stop by one of our two New England locations to see the choices in person or check out our online inventory. We’re happy to help you select the perfect marble, granite, or other surfacing material that’s ideal for your project. 


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