Want a Big Natural Stone Island in the Kitchen? Advanced Planning is a Must

Want a Big Natural Stone Island in the Kitchen? Advanced Planning is a Must

September 08, 2017

Going big with a kitchen island? Consider durable, ultra-compact Neolith. Since it’s available in large sizes, it’s a great way to avoid seams on a large countertop run. 

You say you want your new kitchen to contain a gargantuan granite island. Well, that sure would make a fantastic focal point—as long as there’s not a huge seam running smack down the middle of it. Even though they usually can be somewhat concealed, nobody likes seams. You can see them. And even worse, you can feel them and they can interfere with cleaning. So, how can you still go big in the kitchen? Plan accordingly. 

The average stone slab is less than 10 feet long and fewer than 6 feet wide. If you want an island larger than this, you will have a seam. Sometimes a seam is a logistic necessity. If your countertop is in a high-rise, up a stairwell, or inside of a home with a narrow hall or doorway, there is little choice. However, if you don’t absolutely have to worry about matching the color and pattern of two different pieces, it can be avoided. How? 

Use ColorQuartz instead. It’s easier to completely hide the seams in quartz surfacing. 

Choose Neolith. Since it’s available in very large, thin slabs, you can have a very long seamless countertop run. 

Break it up. Insert a wooden butcher block as a chopping area or incorporate a marble backing area to reduce the amount of granite required. 

Consider multiple levels. You can use the same color of marble or granite with slightly different shades or pattern movements on multiple levels, which will make differences less noticeable. 

The earlier in the planning process you start to think about size and seams, the better. You may find large slabs now and then, but the selection will be very limited. Slabs bigger than 78-inches long are exceptionally rare and you’ll pay a big premium for a special order. Even then, you still have to factor in transportation logistics and safety. 

Interested in checking out ColorQuartz or Neolith? We have a wide array of both materials in stock at our two New England warehouse locations. Our resident stone experts are on hand to show you around. They can even help guide you towards the right stone for a multi-level island or one made of mixed materials. Give us a call at 877 39 STONE. 


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