New Year, New Trends: Dedicated Countertop Areas for Chopping and Baking

New Year, New Trends: Dedicated Countertop Areas for Chopping and Baking

January 05, 2018


2018 countertop trends will include a mixture of materials and specialized areas for food prep. 

It’s a new year, and that means it’s time to look at the new décor trends. What can you expect to see in 2018? When it comes to countertops, there’s a definite trend toward specialization; as in dedicated areas for tasks like chopping, baking, and food prep. 

Today’s top designers say that variation will be the new norm. We can expect to see kitchens include a mixture of countertop materials and even heights. For example, marble is an ideal surface for rolling out pastry dough. Its naturally cool surface keeps dough soft and prevents it from sticking as you work. For those who enjoy baking, including an area of marble is incredibly useful. It’s especially helpful if you love the elegant look of marble but don’t have the budget for a kitchen full of it. 

We’ll see granite, quartz, and more paired with areas of butcher block, which serves as an ideal area for chopping.  Wood is an ideal surface for meal prep since you can slice and dice right on it. It also pairs wonderfully with natural stone as well as composite materials such as ColorQuartz. Wood will, however, scorch and stain. Since it requires a bit more maintenance, you’re less likely to see entire kitchen runs of butcher block. 

Regular 36-inch. Countertop-height is fine for casual weekday meals. But when you’re making larger, more involved recipes that require a lot of chopping, rolling, or strenuous maneuvers, a lower countertop is far more ergonomic. So you’ll begin to see more portions lowered by two to three inches.  

The marrying of various countertop surfaces offers increased functionality, plus it’s a beautiful design aesthetic. There are so many kinds of beautiful countertop materials out there that choosing can feel pretty overwhelming. Here at Marble & Granite, Inc.  Our team of experienced surfacing professionals is on hand in all three of our northeast locations to help. They can show you which materials, colors, textures and styles mix best, no matter what their style or taste might be. Give us a call at 877-39-STONE. 


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