Deepest Train Station in the World Gets a Makeover with Neolith

Deepest Train Station in the World Gets a Makeover with Neolith

May 17, 2018

 Ultra-compact Neolith surfacing now covers Portland’s Washington Park Tri-Met station. 

The Washington Park Tri-Met train station sits deep beneath the ground under the Oregon Zoo in Portland. Opened in 1998, it’s the only completely underground station in the city’s Metropolitan Area Express (MAX) system. Resting 260-feet beneath the surface, it’s the deepest train station in the world! 

After nearly 20 years of wear and tear, the train station was in need of repairs and updating. ZGF Architects (the same architects who built the station in 1998) gave it a $2.1 million makeover, which was recently completed. 

Besides wanting to create an atmosphere that was bright and that didn’t feel so deep underground, one of the biggest concerns was graffiti and vandalism. So when the architects needed a surface that was durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear, stand up to the demands of high foot traffic, and be easily cleaned if graffiti artists came back into the picture, they chose durable and rugged Neolith
 Neolith is resistant to scratching, heat, freezing temperatures, and UV rays, plus it won’t stain. Graffiti can be easily cleaned off without harming the surface. 

For the project, the design team selected ultra-compact, mega-durable Neolith surfacing. Known for its durability, Neolith is resistant to scratching, heat, freezing temperatures, UV rays, and is resistant to high pressure and weight loads, so it won’t bend. Neolith is waterproof, lightweight, non-porous, 100% natural, recyclable, and exceptionally hard. 

But before making their final decision, they put it to the test themselves. The designers and architects took Neolith samples to their office and defaced them with permanent marker and spray paint. Then, they let them sit in the sun for two months and cleaned them with harsh cleaners and abrasive pads. The results spoke for themselves. Neolith’s non-porous, easy to clean surface effortlessly passed the test! 
 The deepest train station in the world has a bright new look thanks to Neolith. 

The transit hub was re-clad with low-maintenance Neolith in Arctic White, Iron Frost, and Nieve Satin designs in 6mm thickness. The station now features graffiti-resistant wall coatings, LED lighting, and elevator lobby upgrades. 

Neolith’s sleek design transformed the Washington Park Station with style and durability that will withstand the test of time. As amazing as  Neolith is for public and commercial spaces, it’s just as perfect for residential projects. If you’re looking for a material that’s durable and long-lasting to stand up to your active family, Neolith is an ideal choice. Visit any of Marble & Granite, Inc.’s three northeastern showrooms to check out the wide variety of Neolith surfacing. Or check out our complete inventory online



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