How to Get the Most Value out of Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

How to Get the Most Value out of Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

November 07, 2018

“Ok, but what will this all cost?” That’s often the first thought homeowners have when they think about remodeling their kitchen. After all, depending on what you are looking to change, remodeling costs can quickly add up. According to data collected by HomeAdvisor, the average American pays about $22,000 to remodel their kitchen.

Are there ways to cut costs?

If that figure is way beyond what you’ve been budgeting, don’t panic! As it turns out, there are a lot of ways you can cut down on your costs without giving up on either a great kitchen design or the increased home value that comes with a remodeled kitchen. From doing your own floor installation (super easy if you’re getting laminate flooring!) to keeping the existing layout of the kitchen, you can stretch your dollar further. 

Many of the things that make a kitchen unique and special to you—from custom drawer pulls to the lighting—are relatively inexpensive compared to, say, getting new cabinets installed (which, on average, is 29% of the cost of the average kitchen remodel).

Remodeling has a big impact on your home’s value

Remember: by investing in your kitchen, you’re investing in the value in your home. The numbers back that up: compared to other projects in the home, kitchen remodels tend to have the highest return-on-investment. Ask any realtor, and they will tell you: buyers care about kitchens. A home with a remodeled, modern kitchen is much more likely to sell faster and at a higher dollar figure. It all comes down to curb appeal. Kitchens attract buyers, and the more people who see your home, the more offers you get.

Don’t forget about your vision

Crunching data to determine the best-possible ROI for your project is only part of the equation. The other part is executing your vision for your kitchen. Unless you’re planning on listing as soon as the paint dries, you probably don’t want to lose sight of the fact that you want a kitchen that you enjoy being in!

Check out the infographic below created by Samantha Jones. She is a master writer and designer at Superior Stone & Cabinet, the go-to source for custom and wholesale countertops in Phoenix, AZ. 

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