Danby Marbles: Everything you need to know to select the Danby that’s perfect for you!

Danby Marbles: Everything you need to know to select the Danby that’s perfect for you!

May 11, 2021

The famous Danby Marble Quarry in Vermont’s Dorset Mountain has been producing breathtaking marble for over 100 years. In fact, it was the first marble quarry in the United States and it’s the largest underground marble quarry in the world! Also, Danby Marble, has an absorption rate between .06% - .08%, making it less absorbent than some granite, which means in holds up to spills and doesn’t stain very easily.

There are nine different types of Danby Marble and some are said to rival the most beautiful Italian white marbles. One side of the quarry yields Imperial, Eureka, and Royal Danby marbles. On another layer you’ll find Mountain White, Olympian White Select, Olympian White Classic, MontClair, Fantastico and Appalachian Green Danby (Vermont Cipollino). 
The pricing is based on the availability and the demand. If a particular color is in high fashion and is only a small percentage of what is in the quarry, then the price will be higher. Colors that are abundant in the quarry and not in high fashion, the prices will be lower. 

The purpose of this article is to make sure you are totally informed when shopping for Danby Marble. We would caution you to be aware if a particular vendor does not distinguish between the many varieties and simply calls it Danby Marble because as you will see, the pricing varies widely, and you want to make sure you are paying for exactly what you want. Below you will see pictures representing all the varieties with the retail price for material,  and this does not include labor and installation.
Imperial Danby - $145.00 per square foot
Imperial Danby Marble is a very striking stone that comes from deep within the quarry’s twisting mile-and-a-half deep veins. As the rarest variety of marble in the quarry, it’s admired for its light to medium veining. Typically featuring striations of soft gray and a warm honey or caramel color. Imperial Danby is a beautiful choice for countertops, walls, flooring, fireplace surrounds, and more. 

Olympian White Select Danby - $120.00 per square foot

Eureka Danby - $80.00 per square foot
Most of the material on the side of the quarry is Eureka Danby. It’s darker gold with medium to heavy gray veins, and it’s often compared to Calacatta Gold. When the material has less gold veining, it’s classified as Imperial. 

Olympian White Classic Danby - $76.00 per square foot

Montclair Danby - $58.00 per square foot

Royal Danby - $70.00 per square foot
 Royal Danby is one of the most common varieties, making it also the most economical.

Mountain White Danby - $39.00 per square foot

Fantastico Danby - $68.00 per square foot

Appalachian Green Danby (Vermont Cipollino) - $28.00 per square foot
If you love the rich look of Italian marbles, but like the idea of purchasing a “local” marble quarried right here in the USA, you will want to check out the Danby varieties. The look and price of each Danby marble varies, sometimes drastically. Imperial Danby is the most rare, so you can expect to pay more for it. The Danby marbles are some of the most popular selections with our customers here at Marble & Granite, Inc.. Take a look at these stunning projects and it is easy to see why. 

Eureka Danby Marble photo courtesy of Vermont Quarries

Royal Danby marble features consistent gray veins. Photo courtesy of Vermont Quarries.

You can browse our online inventory to see what varieties of Danby marble that we currently have in stock. Then, come by one of our three Marble & Granite, Inc. showrooms in MA, NY and CT to experience this luxurious marble in person. We have a wide selection of slabs and tiles that will allow you to pick just the right variety of Danby marble for your project. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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