Neolith Offers Striking Yet Super Sanitary Bathroom Solutions

Neolith Offers Striking Yet Super Sanitary Bathroom Solutions

April 29, 2022

A full sheet (roughly 126” x 62”) of Abu Dhabi Neolith in a matte finish makes a fabulous accent wall in this restroom design. 

Neolith Offers Striking Yet Super Sanitary Bathroom Solutions

We love ultra-slim, ultra-durable Neolith for a variety of reasons. This versatile material can be used for countless applications including countertops, walls, fireplace surrounds, flooring, and even sinks. In fact, Neolith is so durable, it can even be used outdoors. But one of our favorite places to use the water-, stain-, heat-, scratch-, and etch-resistant material is the bathroom. Whether you’re working on a residential bath, an office bath, or a public restroom, Neolith is a fantastic choice. Not only does it come in an array of gorgeous colors and patterns (some even look like authentic marble), but Neolith is also an exceptionally sanitary option. 

If you’re not familiar with Neolith, you soon will be. This ultra-lightweight material is made from 100-percent natural minerals, but it wasn’t found in a quarry. Neolith is made by mixing clay or sand (including quartz, feldspar, silica, and mineral oxide) in a high-pressure, 200-degree Fahrenheit kilning process. The result is one of the most resilient surfaces on the market today. Neolith slabs won’t scratch or stain. They’ll stand up to extreme changes in moisture and temperature and they’re not affected by heavy traffic, chemicals, or UV rays. 
 Arctic White Neolith, used in 60” x 60” squares with a matte finish, adds both a literal and figurative sense of “clean” to the bathroom design. 

Even though Neolith is exceptionally lightweight (in fact, a ¼” thick slab weighs 3.5 lbs. per square foot and ½” thick slabs weigh only 7 lbs. per square foot) it’s an incredibly strong substance. It stands up to frequent use and high traffic, plus it also shuts down the growth of bacteria. Neolith is a non-porous substance, meaning that germs and viruses won’t survive or thrive on the surface—a very handy hygienic trait to offer, especially in the restroom.  And because Neolith comes in very large slabs, there are fewer grout lines—an area where germs and bacteria can settle in and multiply. 

Looking for another reason to love Neolith beyond its beauty, strength, and durability? How about the fact that Neolith never needs to be sealed? And cleaning your Neolith surface couldn’t be easier. Just use a soft cloth with mild soap and water. 
Sheets of Beton, cut to size, in a polished finish, are perfect for the restroom floor. 

We have a variety of Neolith slabs in stock at our Westwood, MA showroom and our additional New England locations. Our knowledgeable sales staff are on hand and happy to answer any of your surfacing questions. Drop by or call us at 781.915.1250 to schedule an appointment.


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