Looking at Life Through Rose Colored…Countertops

Looking at Life Through Rose Colored…Countertops

February 01, 2022

Looking at Life Through Rose Colored…Countertops

Rose quartz is a common natural stone that can often be found in jewelry. It’s even a popular with those who use crystals for healing and meditation purposes. It’s not every day, however, that you see it used as a kitchen countertop. Yet that’s exactly what the owners of this home in Boston were looking for when they called Marble & Granite, Inc. 

After the customer called in looking for slabs for a pink kitchen countertop, the company reached out to their global network. They found two true pink options at the Marble & Granite office in Italy. The Italian office provided photos and physical samples of both Pink Quartz and Pink Onyx for the homeowners. 
Since quartz is more durable than onyx, it’s what the Marble & Granite team recommended to the homeowner, and what they ultimately selected. They used the pale pink stone for the kitchen countertop and backsplash as well as above and below a fireplace with a wood-burning stove. 

Though the process of selecting slabs from half-way across the globe can be tricky, Marble & Granite’s stone experts in both the U.S. and Italy locations went out of their way to make the project go smoothly. After the homeowner reviewed the photos and samples, they were able to choose four perfect slabs for the project. The Italian office carefully inspected all of the slabs and they were sent on their way. 

The slabs required for the countertops were unusually large, measuring 118-inches x 78-inches x 2cm. Not only were the slabs large enough for what this project called for, they were among the best Pink Quartz slabs the stone experts at Marble & Granite, Inc. had ever seen. The combination of the color, striations of pink and white, and overall strength were ideal and just what they were looking for. 

Interior Stone in Waltham fabricated the slabs as requested and the homeowners are thrilled with how the subtle pink shade perfectly complements their natural-light-filled kitchen. 

If you’re looking for an outside-of-the-box surface to complete your design vision, give us a call (781-915-1250). Our worldwide team of knowledgeable professionals can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. 


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