Eureka! Danby Marble is the Perfect Fit for a Designer’s Own Kitchen 

Eureka! Danby Marble is the Perfect Fit for a Designer’s Own Kitchen 

September 23, 2022

Designer Stephanie Freeman’s own kitchen featuring stunning Eureka Danby marble from Vermont. Photo: PARLR Brand Studio  @parlrbrandstudio

Eureka! Danby Marble is the Perfect Fit for a Designer’s Own Kitchen 

When designer Stephanie Freeman, Principal of Stephanie Freeman Design in Brookline, MA, began planning her own kitchen design, she wanted just the right color marble to complement a mix of clay white and dark chocolate cabinetry. The countertops and backsplash also needed to coordinate with the brass plumbing and hardware that she selected. She had a real “Eureka” moment when she came upon this Eureka Danby marble on display at Marble & Granite, Inc. 

“I knew I needed something with stronger veining, but many of the options I considered were just too gray and cool for my palette,” Freeman explains. But when she came upon the rich brown accents and the fresh cream background of the Eureka Danby, she knew she found her perfect match. “The slabs also had such a great consistency in terms of movement and clarity that I didn’t have to be that picky about placement,” she adds. 

  Wispy grey and honey colored veining is a trademark of Eureka Danby marble and makes it a perfect complement to gold and brass hardware.  Photo: PARLR Brand Studio  @parlrbrandstudio

Another reason that Freeman was sold on Eureka Danby is that it’s a local product. Eureka Danby comes from the famous Danby Marble Quarry in Vermont’s Dorset Mountain. The very first marble quarry in the United States (and the largest underground marble quarry in the world), it has been yielding breathtaking marble for over a century. The exquisite marbles that are produced here rival the most beautiful and popular marbles of Italy. 

Although Imperial Danby is the most popular variety that comes from the Danby quarry, it makes up less than ten-percent of the quarry’s production. So, if you’re looking for a Danby with that same white background and wispy grey and honey colored veining, look no further than Imperial’s sometimes overlooked little sister, Eureka.  
Eureka Danby marble is a beautiful accent to Freeman’s blend of clay white and dark chocolate cabinetry.  Photo: PARLR Brand Studio  @parlrbrandstudio

Often compared to Italy’s Calacatta Gold in looks, Eureka Danby is every bit as stunning as Imperial Danby. Eureka’s veining is a bit stronger and often on the darker gold side, which makes it a beautiful choice to complement gold decorative and functional hardware like the those that Freeman incorporated into her kitchen design. 

Plus, like all Danby varieties, Eureka has a very low absorption rate. So, Danby is more impervious to staining than many other kinds of marble. Freeman says that while Eureka Danby will etch (this is when subtle dull spots form, often from a splash of lemon juice or a drippy jar of tomato sauce), it’s nothing to stress over. “We wipe it down after cooking and re-seal it annually, but I love the imperfections. It’s one-hundred-and-ten-percent worth-it to me to have the richness and beauty of natural stone in my kitchen. Eureka Danby offers just the right amount of drama and visual interest and is definitely one of my go-to stones,” she explains. 

Would you like to check out Eureka Danby for yourself? You can browse our online inventory to see the slabs that we currently have in stock. Then, come by one of our Marble & Granite, Inc. showrooms to experience this luxurious marble in person. Give us a call at 877 39 STONE. 

Design: Stephanie Freeman Design @stephaniefreemandesign
Cabinetry: Right Angle Kitchens @right_angle_kitchens


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