Personality Pulsates through your Project with Paonazzo

Personality Pulsates through your Project with Paonazzo

February 14, 2023

Paonazzo features elegant veins of rich violet, gold, black, and even caramel. 
Personality Pulsates through your Project with Paonazzo
Love the classic look of fine Italian marble but looking for something with an extra pop of personality? Check out Paonazzo
This gorgeous marble actually comes from Italy’s Mount Bettogli, the very same mountain that  yields the famous Carrara marble. But Paonazzo offers a unique twist. Coursing through a pure white to light pink background are veins of rich violet. In fact, the name Paonazzo actually comes from the Italian word for purple. Shades of gold, black, and rich caramel are also commonly found throughout. The result is an elegant and intriguing mix of colors and patterns that make a one-of-a-kind statement. 

Every slab of Paonazzo is completely unique, allowing for the creation of one-of-a-kind spaces. 
Produced in a much smaller quantity than Carrara, Paonazzo brings a sense of sophistication and rare beauty to any project. The honey-gold colors found in Paonazzo give the material a vintage feel. It’s a warm material that blends beautifully with edgy contemporary design and even brings a sense of nostalgia to Old-World antique looks.
Honey-gold coloring gives Paonazzo a vintage feel. 
We’ve shown some bold examples of how using Paonazzo throughout a space can make a daringly strong statement. But it’s also perfect for creating a more subtle focal point. In this New England kitchen, the designer used a more subtle material around the perimeter, but chose a generous slab of Paonazzo for the island.
Paonazzo makes a more subtle statement on top of this furniture-style island. 
The warm colors of the Paonazzo complement the exquisite furniture-style island while creating an eye-catching centerpiece in the space.

The warm veins throughout this generous slab of Paonazzo create an eye-catching centerpiece. 

Every slab of Paonazzo makes its own unique statement and its elegance and beauty cannot be fully appreciated in photos. This is a marble you really need to see up close and in person. Luckily, we have gorgeous slabs of Paonazzo that we are happy to show you in one of our three New England Showrooms -  Westwood, MA, Milford, CT and Albany, NY.  Make an appointment or stop by to peruse our temperature-controlled indoor showrooms, where we’re happy to tell you more about this rare and exquisite stone.  Give us a call at 781-915-1250 or schedule an appointment online


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